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  • 1.  Schedule Alert Issues

    Posted 08-24-2023 16:11


    Recently we have been noticing that our reps are not getting alerts in Genesys about their schedules. For example, they will go from on-queue time to a meeting in the middle of their day and used to receive a notification from Genesys alerting them of this meeting but now are not receiving a notification at all. This appears to have started roughly a week ago. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have any idea what may be causing this issue? 

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    Addison Hild

  • 2.  RE: Schedule Alert Issues

    Posted 08-28-2023 12:14

    Hi Addison,

    There are a few things to check when considering why your agents may not be getting the out of adherence toast notifications:

    1. Do they have the correct permissions?  "Workforce Management : Agent Adherence : Notify" is the relevant one here.
    2. Are activities "Ignored for Adherence" in your Management Unit configuration?  Any activity that is ignored for adherence calculations will also result in the agent not being warned about being out of adherence for that activity.
    3. Do the agents have a schedule when viewed from their account?  It's possible for an agent to show up in the schedule in the schedule editor interface but not actually 'have' a schedule because they have been moved out of the management unit or the schedule is not published.  If the agent clicks on 'Activity' at the top left and you see 'Not scheduled today' that will tell you they don't actually have a schedule and that you need to either publish or add them back to the Management Unit.  

    If you have checked all of these things and it's still not working for you, please work with our support team to create a ticket and we will investigate.  

    Joe Behymer, Director
    PureCloud Workforce Management Development Team

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