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  • 1.  Shift Trade Limitations and Adding Shift Question

    Posted 02-22-2024 12:34

    Good Afternoon! 

    We are starting to set shift trades and we noticed that after someone made a successful shift trade they could not see or receive any more direct trades. It would say there was an error submitting the trade due to no available matches, even though there were open matches. But then about an hour later I was able to submit the shift trade. Is there a refresh time in Genesys that it takes the system X amount of time to process the shift trade before another can be accepted or an overall limite on how many shifts an agent can trade? If so, what are those limitations or refresh times? 

    We were also looking to see if agents can add time if they have no schedules, but none of us had available shifts for our days off, even though we were under the maximum paid hours for the week. Is there something that needs to be configured for agents to pick up shifts they don't have? And if someone has no schedule, do they need to be in the management unit to add time or do they need to be in the workplan as well even though they don't have an active schedule? 

    Thank you so much for all of your help! 


    Nathan Gould
    DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Shift Trade Limitations and Adding Shift Question

    Posted 02-27-2024 11:11

    Thanks for the comments.  I recommend you reach out to customer care for some help evaluating your configuration in the Management Units >> Shift Trades settings for the Management Unit that contains the Agents in your examples.

    Some of the settings I would recommend reviewing govern not only the types of shifts that can be identified as a match for an agent, but also the types of trades which are allowed by the system:  the four 'Agent Matching Criteria Requirements' toggles, as well as all of the 'Shift Trade Rules' section.  The one that might not be immediately obvious is 'Shift Trades that are one-sided' this rule controls the 'Add' and 'Drop' Trade types in the Agent's UI (add would be pick up a shift without exchanging anything, drop would be removing a shift without taking anything in exchange).

    Eric Hagaman
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