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  • 1.  Some Inbound calls flow to wrong queue

    Posted 09-21-2022 17:00
    Hello all! I have a question about inbound call flow. We recently transitioned to genesys cloud and have noticed a handful of calls are routing to the wrong queue. For example,an incoming call should be routing to a standard queue but are instead being routed to the legal department or customer service. Is there a way to decipher if the person clicked the wrong number on their phone, sending them to the wrong queue, or if there is an error in the inbound flow architecture?

    any info would be appreciated! Thanks!!

    Dawn Weston
    AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Some Inbound calls flow to wrong queue

    Posted 09-21-2022 17:41
    HI Dawn

    We'd need to see your flow itself but have you tried tracing the call by setting audio or participant data at different points? Also by any chance do you have speech recognition turned on?

    Vaun Mccarthy

  • 3.  RE: Some Inbound calls flow to wrong queue

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 09-21-2022 18:24
    Just to add on what Vaun has said, the only way a call will go to a queue is if there is an action in the call flow to go to that queue.
    So adding a set participant data value for each DTMF entry, either for each menu option or for collect data action is a good way to see what the customer actually entered. 

    In general having some sort of logging in your flows is certainly recommended, it really helps figuring out what is happening in the call flows when questions like this arise.
    Participant Data is a good way to do that, as is using Flow Milestones.

    Here is the links to the documentation on those:

    Anton Vroon

  • 4.  RE: Some Inbound calls flow to wrong queue

    Posted 09-22-2022 09:37
    Edited by dawn weston 09-22-2022 09:41
    Wow thank you! i appreciate it- we were looking to see if there was any possible way for logging, didnt know it existed. thank you- ill look read up on those links and try and implement some logging!

    just to add on to this question- if salesforce is integrated and the call should have been tagged as say "legal" and the call gets sent to "customer service" instead, will these links for logging show why it got routed incorrectly?

    Dawn Weston
    AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

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