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Trivia Tower: Festive Figures Results Are In!

  • 1.  Trivia Tower: Festive Figures Results Are In!

    Posted 12-13-2022 11:33

    Jingle all the way! This "Festive Figures" trivia event was such a tight race. And guess what? It was the BONUS QUESTION that determined the top winner...again. But before I reveal our holly jolly winner, check out the answers below:

    Festive Figures Trivia Questions:

    1. Every year in the Swedish town of Gavle, they erect a very large Yule what?
    • Log
    • Goat
    • Reindeer
    • Cornucopia

    (They believe that Santa actually rode on a goat, not in a sleigh, on Christmas night).

    2. In Germany, Santa Klaus has a human helper to do the dirty work of punishing bad children. What is his name?
    • Knecht Rupert
    • Nekane
    • Wichtelmännchen
    • Naughty Frederick

    3. A "Tomte" gnome delivers presents in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. What pet follows him around?
    • Cat
    • Goat
    • Sheep
    • Pig

    4. Every evening on the 13 Nights of Christmas, Icelandic children leave a shoe filled with goodies to ward off whom?
    • The Ice Witch
    • Bad Bjork
    • Gryla the Ogress
    • The Grinch

    5. In 1931, who did Coca-Cola commission to do the famous "Santa Clause" paintings for their advertising?
    • Bob Ross
    • Haddon Sundblom
    • Bradbury Thompson
    • Milton Glaser

    6. When does the Slavic "Grandfather Frost" show up to deliver presents?
    • Christmas Eve
    • Christmas Day
    • New Year's parties
    • First Friday in December

    7. In Italy, "La Befana" drops off gifts and is known to do what before she leaves the house?
    • Sweep the floor
    • Cook breakfast
    • Put a wreath on the door
    • Do laundry

    8. "Jolakotturinn" is an Icelandic cat who is said to eat people who do not receive what as a gift?
    • A stocking filled with candy
    • A new book
    • Yule logs
    • New clothes

    9. In Canada and Ireland, if a "Mummer" shows up on your doorstep, you're required to do what?
    • Sing a song
    • Solve a riddle
    • Give the Mummer a gift
    • Guess the Mummer's identity

    10. In southeastern Europe, the "Kallikantzaroi" won't wreak havoc on your home if you give them something to what?
    • Eat
    • Count
    • Wear
    • Read

    (These little devils are cursed to count things and that's the only way you can keep them from destroying your festive home during the 12 Days of Christmas).

    11. Who gives out prizes in the Genesys community all year-round?
    • Genius
    • Tony Bates
    • Robert Wakefield-Carl
    • Nicole Milliken 

    12. The "Mari Lwyd" in Wales is a horse skull that shows up on your doorstep and sings to bring you what?
    • Gifts
    • Chestnuts
    • Good luck
    • Wine

    (Traditionally a friend/neighbor shows up hidden under a blanket with a horse skull on top and sings to bring good luck!)

    Hey Little Drummer Boy! Give us a drumroll so we can reveal the winner, please (Pa Rumpa Pum Pum): @Mackenzie Becker, congratulations! May your Prize Wall choice be merry and bright. I'll reach out to you with details.

    Feeling "Grinchy" because you didn't win this week? Don't give up HO! HO! HOpe. You get another chance with "International Holidays" this Wednesday, Dec. 14-16th. Check your calendar and check it twice to make sure this event is on there. And if you're enjoying these trivia events, please share with others because "the more the merrier!"

    Not into trivia? Then head over to our Prize Wall page, scroll down to "Current Contests" to see others ways you can win.

    Good luck everyone!

    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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