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Use ICWS to download Email

  • 1.  Use ICWS to download Email

    Posted 07-18-2022 10:17
    Hello all,

    I am currently facing an issue trying to download an active email interaction using the ICWS API. The request always comes back with Bad Request (400).

    The Docs list the following API endpoint: POST /icws/{sessionId}/interactions/{interactionId}/email/attachments/message/download
    The request body should only contain a messageId. The SDK also adds the __type entry so I added it as well.
    But no matter what I try, I always get a 400 status code back with the error message "Invalid parameter value was specified".

    POST /icws/SESSIONID/interactions/INTERACTIONID/email/attachments/message/download 

    400 Bad Request
        "message""Invalid parameter value was specified."

    My question is, what exactly do I need to specify as MessageId? I tried the interaction id, numerous attribute values like Eic_EmailMessage, Eic_EmailMessageMoniker etc.
    As we use Exchange 2013 as the email backend, I have also tried some EWS IDs like Id, StoreId, ConversationId, EntryId.... without success.

    Looking forward to solve this issue.

    Thomas Pniok
    NTT DATA Deutschland Gmbh

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