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Utterance with "dynamic" order number

  • 1.  Utterance with "dynamic" order number

    Posted 05-23-2024 11:10

    I'm trying to build a bot that returns the status of an order (just a test bot). I have already completed the following steps:

    • Create a digital bot flow
    • Create intents and utterances
      • intent: check order
      • utterances: multiple sentences, eg. status order, when can I expect my order, ...
    • Create Slot and Slot Type
      • the slot type is regular expression with ^OD-\d{4}

    The bot is working just fine and is detecting the correct intent and if I ask for the slot (orderID) the information is also correctly processed.

    But I would like to detect the intent and the slot in one step. So the customer types in: When can I expect order OD-1234, where 1234 is off course dynamic. I don't want to ask for the orderID again as the customer already provided this information. I have tried to assign the slot in the utterance by marking "OD- " as the slot but this doesn't work. 

    Any ideas welcome as I don't seem to find more info in the documentation.


    Domien De Cleyn
    Telenet BV

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