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  • 1.  Voice Prioritisation Over Email

    Posted 02-14-2024 03:11

    Hey guys, 

    I've a quick question (or maybe not a quick question). I think I already know the answer to the question. The answer being we need to redevelop our Inbound flows to accommodate the requirements and there is not a simple way to achieve the desired goal outside of Architect / flows. 

    We currently have email queues that are configured outside of Architect / Flows. Each of these Queues has a priority configured against it, thus determining which email interactions are processed first by agent members of the queues in question – this is working well. We then have an infinitely complex inbound call flow (configured by our Genesys partner) that leverages data tables to route voice interactions to a number of voice queues. The platform is configured through 'utilisation' to allow voice interactions to 'interrupt' email interactions.

    My two questions are as follows, given our setup, is there a simple way to configure the platform to; A) prioritise voice interactions (routed via complex inbound flow) over digital / email interactions (simple setup configured outside of a flows) to ensure agents only receive email interactions when there are no voice interactions to process – or do we need to rework our flows, to also include email flows / interactions and configure the requirement -  voice ó email routing prioritisation through architect (hugely complex / time consuming / expensive job)? B) When an agent is then working on an email interaction, the agent is not interrupted by a voice interaction until they have finished the email interaction?

    Essentially, this requirement would result in voice interactions taking priority over email interactions (whilst retaining the configured prioritisation amongst the email queues) and would also result in no interactions being interrupted once being processed.

    I hope the above is relatively clear. I'll 'eat my hat' if there is a simple way to accomplish this without heavy development within Architect. I'm hoping you can tell me I'm wrong!




    Matthew Tipler
    News Team Group

  • 2.  RE: Voice Prioritisation Over Email

    Posted 02-14-2024 09:22

    A) Use the priority field on the transfer to ACD action in your call flows

    B) The utilization page lets you define which types can interrupt each other.

    Melissa Bailey
    Genesys - Employees

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