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  • 1.  WDE and Conferencing

    Posted 06-12-2023 05:24


    We are using WDE v8.5 with SIP Server/GVP and experiencing a call scenario where voice treatment ports become out of service during conference calls.

    in the call flow, agent has received an inbound call from a customer.  During the call, the agent conferences in a voice treatment port (VTP, for ivr treatment), so is now a 3 way conference call.  Once the ivr treatment is completed, the agent is meant to delete/remove the VTP from the call, thus making it an inbound call again.

    there are circumstances where the agent does not end the conference correctly- or transfers the (conferenced) call (via route point) to another agent. In these situations the voice treatment ports becomes out of service after some time - and remains out of service until we manually disable and re-enable it.

    What we are trying to find is a way to prevent the agents from the fault scenarios described above so:

    • end the conference call correctly or prevent them from not doing this.
    • stop conference calls from being transferred if this is possible.

    we think a workaround is to add passive out of service detection on the VTPs (recovery-timeout) so the ports will recover after the value set, but not sure if this is the permanent solution.

    or could we customize WDE to achieve what we need.




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