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#WEMay - Week 2 Quality Assurance & Compliance Tip 1

  • 1.  #WEMay - Week 2 Quality Assurance & Compliance Tip 1

    Posted 05-08-2023 05:01

    Happy Monday and welcome to a new week for WEMay, for the next 4 days we will be adding a little Tip of the Day to help you on your way for our

    Quality Assurance & Compliance discipline

    Here’s the first one:

    No.1: Policies

    Are you tired of spending time manually searching and selecting calls to evaluate? There is an alternative, by using policies.

    Policies are used to automate the selection of calls for the purposes of evaluation. You have total control to filter the media type, direction, user, team, timeframe, queue, wrap up code, and call duration.

    You can assign by agent or assign by evaluator. You can use multiple policies simultaneously to accommodate different media types or different quality programs for different business units.

    Policies are managed in the Quality Admin section. If you don’t see the menu option, talk to your Administrator to get permission.

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    Keep an eye out for another little tip tomorrow - Have a great day!

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