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#WEMay - Week 3 Resource Management Tip 1

  • 1.  #WEMay - Week 3 Resource Management Tip 1

    Posted 05-15-2023 04:00

    This week we have a few Tips & Tricks to help you on your way with

    Resource Management


    How is everyone doing?
    This week we will be focusing on Resource Management - Spend less time scheduling and more time boosting performance!
    Another week has passed us by and here we are already in Week 3 of our 2023 #WEMay! 

    Initiate an Intraday Reschedule

    Optimize or Add agents to a Schedule: Intraday dynamics sometimes require updates / modifications to forecasts and therefore agent schedule optimizations. This capability automates your ability to optimize any such activities that have been scheduled during the schedule process

    You can perform an automated intraday rescheduling operation to incorporate manual changes made to the short-term forecast associated with the schedule. This option reoptimizes the shift start and length times, and the activity start times.

    Initiate the reschedule, then following the prompts for your appropriate scope of the reschedule optimization.

    You can even add new agents via this process. If you’ve brought agent into the MU / Workplans you will be presented with option to also ADD those agents to a schedule.

    Click Admin.

    2.     Under Workforce Management, click Schedules.

    3.     In the upper right corner, click the Management Unit list and select the appropriate management unit.

    4.     Search for the appropriate schedule and select it from the list. The schedule editor opens.

    5.     Click Reschedule. The Reschedule Wizard opens.

    Hope they have been of some insight for you and you've learnt something like I have!

    Tip 2 Tomorrow!

    Don't forget, coming soon will be our WEM Q&A episode and our
    WEM Trivia Tower

    #Workforce Engagement Management


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