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#WEMay - Week 3 Resource Management Tip 2

  • 1.  #WEMay - Week 3 Resource Management Tip 2

    Posted 05-16-2023 04:00
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    A few Tips & Tricks to help you on your way with

    Resource Management

    Happy Tuesday and here we are with Tip 2 for #WEMay! 

    No.2: Tempo for Planners

    Yes, it’s true, Tempo is an Agent facing app but our Tempo app can also help improve efficiency of your WFM Planning team and Admin staff.  

    You can improve your Planning Team and Supervisor efficiency by distributing the Tempo app and teaching agents to leverage the LATE notifications feature.

    Eliminate late call ins to supervisors and automate the documentation of agent lateness.
    Tempo is a great app for empowering WFM Planning Team and Agents

    Download it now on IOS or Android!

    Tip 3 Tomorrow!

    Don't forget, coming soon will be our WEM Q&A episode and our
    WEM Trivia Tower

    #Workforce Engagement Management


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