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  • 1.  WFM Integration API

    Posted 10-05-2022 09:00

    We have a customer that has a developmen using Genesys WFM APIs to extract time-off request published and pass them into another system. Now they have another requirement which is to have time-off approvved or cancelled without being published.

    Is there any method that we can use in Genesys WFM API to retrieve that kind of data? Maybe instead of using the schedule methods try to use the calendar methods or something like that.

    Thanks in advanced

    Guillermo Castan
    Sabio Ibérica, S.A.

  • 2.  RE: WFM Integration API

    Posted 10-10-2022 10:34
    Happy Monday Guillermo!  

    I have been discussing your issue behind the scenes with Product Management and they have recommended a couple things for you to try:

    1. Here is link from Multicloud CX WFM API documentation page to help you:

    2. Should you not get all the information you need from the documentation page, please contact your account manager to arrange Professional Services consulting, in respect use of WFM API and custom application development

    Please let me know if this works for you.  

    Thank you!

    Ginger Alford
    Program Manager, Product Strategy & Operations
    Genesys - Employee

  • 3.  RE: WFM Integration API

    Posted 10-21-2022 03:05

    We will use that documentation in order to make the requested changes.

    Thanks for your help!!


    Guillermo Castan
    Sabio Ibérica, S.A.

  • 4.  RE: WFM Integration API

    Posted 02-21-2023 13:23

    Hi Guillermo.

    Did you find a method to Get Calander Items  - Time Off using the WFM Engage  API?



    Kind regards

    Michelle Naidoo
    Altron Systems Integration

  • 5.  RE: WFM Integration API

    Posted 02-28-2023 11:03


    FInally the customer did not purchase this proyect.




    Un saludo


    Guillermo Castán


    Guillermo Castan
    Technical Account Manager

    T: +34 638 100 796

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