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  • 1.  Wrapup Not showing in Interaction

    Posted 02-15-2024 07:55

    Hi Team,

    I am unable to see the wrap-up segment in the conversation timeline for one conversation (Outbound Preview dialing mode). However, in the details tab, we can see wrap-up information. So, I am a little confused. Could you please check if anyone else has faced this issue and how it was resolved?


    Saravanan D
    Individual Only Contact Account

  • 2.  RE: Wrapup Not showing in Interaction

    Posted 02-16-2024 02:46

    Hello Saravanan,

    I have two guesses:

    1. Do you have all required permissions?
    2. Your screenshot shows, that some calls have a wrapup-code in the interaction-list. Yesterday I learned from the support, that sometimes not all metrics are properly written in real time, so that there can be a difference between interaction view and intereaction list. The "pipeliner" correct this differences in an overnight job. This can take "up to 3 days". Please check the same interaction after the weekend again.
      Had the same trouble with survey results: in some, but not all, cases the NPS was missing in interaction view, but was shown in detail view.

    Best regards

    Christoph Domaschke

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