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Genesys Community Monthly Newsletter (August 2019) 

09-16-2019 11:45

Hey [Contact.FirstName],

Got a second to share your thoughts? We have a lot of initiatives kicking off and we would love to know what you love! No pressure to answer all of questions, but it would be great if you did. Your feedback can shape the community's future!

  • 1k Member Club Congratulations PureEngage On-Premises and PureConnect!
  • Our First AMA Discuss WFM and Optimizer with Some PureConnect Experts
  • Perfect Introductions  What's Your Favorite Ice Breaker?
  • Q&A Show and AMA Topics What Topics Do You Want to Explore?

Two Communities Hit 1,000 Members in a Single Week!

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a cheery August morning, complete with butterflies in flight, apple pies cooling in window sill, and a light dew misting the grass, when our very own Cole Callahan grabbed the viking horn that we use to communicate pertinent information and gave it 1000 consecutive blows (in near record time, I might add). Upon his call, a banner was released and great rejoicing began for the PureEngage On-Premises Community. Needless to say, festivities carried well into the night and tales of their accomplishment spread!

But lo! The ever-proud PureConnect Community was inspired! And before Cole could catch his breath, PureConnect raced across the 1k-members mark to join the ranks of their launch-day brethren (PureCloud and PureEngage On-Premises). A new banner was raised, renewed celebration commenced, and loads of high fives (many of them virtual) were shared. 

It was a historic week for the Genesys Community and tales of these accomplishments will be shared across bonfires for eons. Keep sharing, updating, and growing. 


How you can help: Give a thumbs up to these communities, treat yourself to something nice, and give a pat on the back to these dedicated members!

Our Community's First AMA

Does everyone remember their first dance party? Well that's how the community team has been feeling lately, like we are hosting a dance. I've asked George dozens of times to help me with my outfit, he is a man of fashion after all, and we've shopped all over town for the perfect punch bowls, but my nerves are high as we prepare to host the community's first AMA. But, I'm not that worried. I dare say, it will be the best AMA that we've ever had and we'd love for you to join us!

AMA, for those you of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, is an acronym for "Ask Me Anything!" It's an emerging interview style where the person of interest does not take questions from one person, but from members of an online forum, instead. The idea being that everyone has their chance to ask questions and the expert or person of interest replies to those questions during the specified timeframe. 

On August 28th between the hours of noon - 3pm EST, the PureConnect Community will have a team of WEM experts answering your questions in the community! This is a great chance for you to ask them...well, ANYTHING! The experts are real, their dance cards are available, and their blue-suede shoes have never been more polished. So who wants the first dance? 

Maybe you want to swing with a product question or jive on what excites them about the future of WEM? It's all groovy. Feel free to get down with that classic, "What's it like to work at Genesys?" If you check out the experts' bios ahead of time (they'll be posted in the PureConnect and Genesys Casual Communities leading up to the event), you might want to get funky and ask Dan what exactly is "Pumpkin Chucking"? I know I do.

How you can help: Join the AMA! Questions are not just limited to product, so feel free to ask general questions as well. You can start submitting questions Tuesday morning just try to include the discussion tag "AMA" so our experts know you want their attention.

What's Your Favorite Ice Breaker?

I'm a "What's your favorite movie?" kinda guy myself, but my mother is a bee keeper and always goes with the tried and true, "Do you know all of the benefits of starting an apiary?"

I'm not saying that anyone has the perfect getting-to-know-you question, but there are no wrong questions here, and I would love to know what are your favorite ice breakers? No survey, poll or external site required to give your feedback, just reply to this email and let me know. If you can't decide between one, feel free to include a few.

All answers will be included in a fish bowl that we use to get to know future experts for the Q&A Show, AMAs, or other introductions that take place in the community. I look forward to seeing your questions.

How you can help: Reply to this email with your favorite ice-breaker question or questions.

Q&A Show and AMAs Want Your Feedback

As of writing this, the PureCloud Community's Q&A Show just published its 7th episode and we dedicated it entirely to the topic of APIs. We loved this "theme" approach because it allowed us to concentrate on related questions. What do you think of making more themed episodes? We would love to know the topics that you would like to see discussed on future episodes of the show (coming to the PureConnect in September) or AMAs? We will try to find the experts that fit your interests and get them booked immediately! So we encourage users from all communities to submit your requests. We will listen to you.

How you can help: Reply to this email with the topics that you would like to see discussed in a community event. Please specify the community(s) if that information is relevant.


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