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  • Open a ticket with Support. They should be able to access it for you. ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • ​I have an issue. I have a receptionist who does not have a recorder license tied to her. The receptionist transferred the call to a user that does have a recorder license. The recording is showing in Interaction Recorder "recording is encumbered and ...

  • Check to see if you can use the Phone-Only ACD login/out in Appendix A: of the following document https://help.genesys.com/cic/mergedprojects/wh_tr/desktop/pdfs/acd_processing_tr.pdf Genesys ...

  • Hi Steve, The Set Call State Tool was the solution. Thank you, ------------------------------ Scott Williams Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority ------------------------------

  • A media server can be assigned to a location and used by different locations.  You configure the the allowed codecs to communicate between locations in the Communication tab of a given location.  You then create selection rules for your media servers ...

  • Scott -  You are correct - If the call is on the user's queue, the handler (ie the system queue) does not have access to the interaction.  If you want to do something like play a prompt and disconnect the call, you have to regain control of the call using ...

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  • Hello Team, we have created 2 different Access Control Group for example ABC(Manual Outbound and Campaign) and DEF(Manual Outbound and Campaign Call)in our Test lab set up. Note:-Both Access Control Group is assigned to same Location. we have created ...

  • I found what the issue is, but not totally sure of the solution. The Handler works properly if the call reaches our agent via ACD routing. If the call is sent to the Agent by dialer or via Non-ACD means such as DID, the prompt will not play nor will the ...

  • Hi Rascko, We had just thought about reviewing the CS table, thank you very much for your help, it has been really useful. Greetings! ------------------------------ Laura Torres Team Vision S. A. ------------------------------

  • Interaction Dialer itself always try to call scheduled calls as soon as possible Please read https://my.inin.com/products/selfhelp/kb/Lists/KnowledgeBase/DisplayKB.aspx?ID=716 (How Dialer scheduled calls are handled in various scenarios) I would say ...

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