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In this Education Special, Manager Matt meets with Jeff and Sheela to walkthrough Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program
! There might just be a Certification Exam giveaway, so make sure to watch it through! 👀

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  • For those who may not have seen it on the main genesys.com page, There is a new Genesys Rapid Response program which gives PureConnect premises customers 90 days of free access to a Genesys Cloud organization with basic setup, to help with enabling work-at-home ...

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  • In this episode, Community Manager Matt meets with Jeff Ritter and Sheela Sridharan to discuss Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program! Make sure to watch the full episode to learn how to win a free Genesys certification exam ! ...

  • Mohammad, Firstly, use the setup documentation found here(not a PDF you downloaded, it might have some errors): https://help.genesys.com/cic/mergedProjects/wh_tr/mergedProjects/wh_tr_cx_insights_icg/desktop/configure_cx_insights_in_interaction_administrator.htm ...

  • David is correct.  And that setting will log things a bit different and make things easier to track in the logs and other call attributes. However, it really depends on the data that the PureConnect system gets from the carrier in this scenario.  Increasing ...

  • Hi Team, Its been 13 days now i have requested for CX insights support, no response from anyone, Kindly looking for response to my request. Regards ------------------------------ Mohammad ------------------------------

  • I can't speak for carrier star codes, but I've always used a quick handler app to block inbound calls from specific ANIs. But this only helps if the ANI isn't blocked... and if it isn't randomly changed for each spam call. That said, the SIP line can ...

  • Thank you all! Yes, I was planning on getting some training but I was just confused on where to get it. ------------------------------ Pol Buckingham f'real foods llc ------------------------------

  • Pol, I strongly advide you attend the Handlers training before you start messing around with Designer too much. The documentation is good, but it's also easy to break your system! ALso, the installation of the various client Utilites is covered in the ...

  • No problem at all.  This is always top of mind given the reports we've been able to create for client needs. Besides, while Indiana Jones found what he was looking for by way of the Holy Grail or the Lost Ark of the Covenant, PureConnect shops can answer ...

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  • It's installed with the ICServerManagerApps installation (similar to Interaction Attendant or Administrator)  And is also found installed on your IC servers. ------------------------------ AARON LAEL State of Utah ------------------------------

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