PureConnect Q&A Show - Episode 3 🎃🕵️

In this CX-chilling episode, Matt is joined by Ethan Lapham to discuss Data Retention and Purging. Don't ghost on this information! 👻

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  • Join Community Manager Matt and Ethan Lapham as they discuss burning questions from Genesys' PureConnect Community. This week's questions include: FAQs: Retention and Purging, "Why don't my numbers add up in a queue summary detail report?", and "Is ...

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  • Please refer to our  widgets plugin configuration  documentation for instructions on which properties to set for each of the bot providers we support. Also we do not support chatbots currently with IceLib. Chatbots are only supported currently in ICWS ...

  • You are right : the user can connect but the system will never try to reach him. This is very confusing as you don't have any warning or alarm displayed to the user. ------------------------------ lionel Florence HELPLINE --------------------------- ...

  • OK, I will take a look - in the meantime, can you clarify when you say "will not open" do you mean in CR or in ICBM? ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • HI Paul, The report was copied as UserAvailablitiy.rpt and was renamed UserAvailablitiyCustom.rpt.  The UserAvailablitiyCustom.rpt will not open. ------------------------------ Tina Castro NorthWestern Corporation ------------------------------

  • Hi All, I want to display custom attributes in screen pop when an agent receives the call as well during alerting. I want to display in the agent desktop while alerting the below list of attributes: ​1. Caller Intent 2. Exit Code 3. ANI the same ...

  • I'm not certain (but based on Lionel's response) it may be that the restrictions doesn't actually happen until after you log in (and possibly try to use telephone) as opposed to preventing you entering the number. ------------------------------ Paul ...

  • Hey, Lionel! Did you restrict under general classifications, or the ones for TUI / Forward / Follow-me? ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • Hi, I've been looking at the chatbot sample here:  https://github.com/GenesysPureConnect/ChatBot . If I need to transfer to chat interaction to an agent queue, how would I proceed? Shoud I call chatInteraction.BlindTransfer()  ?  Not sure that "blind-transfer" ...

  • Hello Alain, There are some limitations based on the user rigths and the number classifications used in the dial plan. We use to have difficulties with our first remote agents based in another country then France. It was possible to them to enter any ...

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