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  • hi Gary, I wonder if you managed to integrate PureConnect with NGuvu? ------------------------------ Wesley Boudzovitch Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Hi, Paul thanks for your support, I did what you told me but I faced the same issue. the supervisors can't control any status didn't appear in front of the agent (means that it must be "user selectable"). ------------------------------ Andrew Adel ...

  • Scott, I'm glad you found a solution! For the sake of completeness (and for anyone else who may stumble across this thread) I should mention another solution... In Interaction Designer, under the "Utilities" menu is the option "Manage Handlers". From ...

  • Andrew, One of the properties of a Status is "User Selectable". If you remove this from the Status, then it won't show up in the User's list of available statuses, However, providing the Status has the property of "Persistant", then they can be placed ...

  • of course once i post this i found what i was looking for. Once you have ran the Dir /b *.ihd >publishlist.lst you then open the publishlist.lst with notepad and add | Primary. Example: Handler1.idh | Primary Once i did this all my handlers were published ...

  • Hi All, I have just migrated my dev system from server 2008 r2 to server 2016. I ran the CMD command to mass Publish all our custom handler on the new server, but have found that it did not mark them as Active, so they are not being triggered. Is there ...

  • Hi All, thanks for your help, i had another quesiton, can we make status "At training session " not allowed to the agent to select it but the supervisor can select it to the agent? ------------------------------ Andrew Adel IST Integration Services ...

  • An option for this is to move your in queue audio out of attendant and move it into a handler initiated from the "CustomIntAttACDAudio" customization point (if you only want this to play for attendant workgroup queue operations). Let's say you had music ...

  • Thanks Phantana.  I was aware of this approach which will work if you just send a call to the queue, but we have a string of queue audio steps set up in Attendant to alternate between music files and company messaging.  The option in attendant is a custom ...

  • This can be done at the workgroup container in Administrator. If you have a work group created internally, you can configure this at the work group configuration. This would be on the Files tab.  On hold music: their would be a configure button and that ...

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