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  • Designer users, who wish to create real-time dashboards can access the below documentation https://help.genesys.com/pureconnect/mergedProjects/wh_insights/desktop/designer_user_capabilities.htm The contextual web link in the application should also allow ...

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    RE: Crystal Report

    Excellent! Will you do me a favor? Please mark the solution above as the answer - this helps others who face similar problems. Thanks! ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • Thank you Paul, that is right, after re-install ICBM the reports are working fine ------------------------------ Mohammad Almomani Duqm Data Centre SAOC (D2C) OMAN ------------------------------

  • Hi Chudi, Is there a reason you do not use the Queue Operation Steps that are built into the Attendant? Right click on the workgroup Transfer IVR Step--> new Operation and look for the Queue Operation "Play A Message to Caller". There you can select ...

  • Hello all, We are using Attendant for our IVR but I'm trying to build a handler that functions as a hold music/ad player while a caller waits for an agent. The handler will play a mix of hold music and voice ads (wavfiles) and also to make position in ...

  • Ali, I see you have a Mailserver integration set up and are defining a Mailbox? In this situation, everything on the Personal Information tab of the User is Read Only since it is imported from (and subsequently synchronized with) the Mail System. This ...

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    RE: Crystal Report

    Are you saying you have you installed Crystal on the Server? That is a no-no! Crystal only needs / should be installed on the workstation(s) belonging to those users who edit reports. I will also go so far as to say that you should not routinely be ...

  • Thank you for your reply,, But i am facing this issue even from CIC server. I mean when I open ICBM from the server i can see this issue ------------------------------ Mohammad Almomani Duqm Data Centre SAOC (D2C) OMAN ----------------------------- ...

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    RE: Crystal Report

    Hey Mohammad! This is a known issue caused by DLL versioning. The solution is to install ICBM after Crystal Reports. If you have already got both installed, you should only need to un-install then re-install ICBM. HTH ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, Any news regarding the following case? Do you have any sample code for Setting DisplayName property, Initailazing and setting NT Domain Name Setting TimeZone ? Thank you. ------------------------------ Ali Koyuncu Asseco SEE Bilisim ...

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