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  • Hi Everyone,  I'm a Senior Manager on PureConnect's Product Management Team. I've been with Genesys for 13 years and the advancements coming up in AI and hybrid features keep me very engaged. I'll be one of the experts on the Voice and Digital AMA next ...

  • Is there a way to clear the client memo alerts at the bottom of Interaction Connect? They just sit there in interaction Connect and on the alert configuration there isn't a way to say close after a certain period of time. #SystemAdministration ------------------------------ ...

  • Paul, Thanks for refreshing my memory on what happens when you publish another handler with the same initiator as one that already exists in the system. I think there is also a message written to the event log on publish that indicates 2 handlers share ...

  • We use PureConnect 2018R3. ------------------------------ Donald Hamel Bell Canada ------------------------------

  • Hi Paul, That is what i am trying to figure out on hte CIC Web Application Install document it says Desktop Alerts do not work with Interaction Connect: https://help.genesys.com/cic/mergedProjects/wh_basl_connect/desktop/desktop_alerts.htm But the ...

  • HI Noreen, I saw that tip, but we are using Chrome. ------------------------------ Scott Williams Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority ------------------------------

  • HI Donald, What Version of PureConnect are you running? ------------------------------ Scott Williams Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority ------------------------------

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    Hi all, Out of curiosity is there anyone out there who has tried and been successful with standing up UniMRCP with PureConnect? We would like to attempt to use it to connect with Google streaming STT/TTS and possibly DialogFlow. Fingers crossed. We ...

  • Desktop notifications works well for us in Chrome but only when we use https. It won't work with http. ------------------------------ Donald Hamel Bell Canada ------------------------------

  • In the Interaction Connect help, there is this: Tip: Desktop alerts do not currently work in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. However, if you use Internet Explorer, you can make Interaction Connect a pinned site. The Interaction Connect taskbar icon ...

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