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    RE: Scripter Auto Logon

    Thanks for your help in discussing this. TLDR version: The correct prototype is IS_Event_NewPredictiveCall(CallId), and don't use IS_Event_NewPredictiveCall and CallObjectAdded in parallel to set values in a page. My root problem was that I was using ...

  • As Andreas mentions this should work but I did want to add that if it is an intercom call you should be able to look in the client and see that the remote party is already on the phone. Second I haven't listened to the prompt in a while but I thought ...

  • Thomas, EDIT: I assume Desktop 16.2.26 means they are running CIC 2016 R2 P26. In this case server 2016 would not yet be supported but I think you can probably "fix" this by enabling the older less secure TLS versions on the Server 2016 box. This seems ...

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    RE: Polycom and TLS

    Thanks for your fast response. In fact, we use certificates from our CA because we also connect the CIC to an Audiocodes SBC with TLS and we do not want the SBC to trust other CAs than Company has approved.  We used the document "PureConnect Security ...

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    RE: ICWS API Issues

    I am sorry, but I am not sure that ACW has any sort of specific event notification besides the status changes. In my experiences I have managed each users' last status information to compare if it was ACW time spent. If you have that response, I would ...

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    RE: Polycom and TLS

    Interesting, I haven't heard of that happening before. Can you post a link to the documentation that says that? Also, can you let us know which Release / Patch you are currently ruinning? As far as I know, the process is to set up a pair of DNS SRV records ...

  • thanks for detailed answer. .. need more help about Q5> after call work (ACW) is already configured in system but i dont receive the events after call disconnect. is it possible to get ACW event after call disconnect and one more event when ACW windows ...

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    RE: Polycom and TLS

    Since this is an HA System, we cannot use the default line certificate (according to the documentation), so we had decided to create a certificate for the line from a 3rd Party CA (our inhouce CA). Now we detected that during the provisioning process ...

  • You can do this in CIC. Fist disable "Enable call waiting" in the client template. So the 2nd call is routet to the busy handler. Then change the handler "CustomOfferingUserQueueBusy" eg. to play a wave-file and then hang up. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Mark, In fact, I was trying to let either CIC, or Poylcom Phone to play a message to the Caller when the Callee is having another call. Thanks & Regards, ------------------------------ Hussein Alshamiri Hadef Information Technology Co. ------- ...

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