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    RE: Poly Headsets

    Sam, Any and all of these models will work well for you.  Although Genesys doesn't advocate or support any particular manufacturer, Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom) & Jabra were always good choices. Ultimately it comes down to cost, and the form ...

  • That looks to me like your UDL file (used to set up the Database Connection) is misconfigured. Common issues I have seen are not saving the password (select the checkbox) or not specifying the correct database on the server (usually defaults to "master".) ...

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    Interaction Dialer

    Hi Team I trying to create table in contact list in Interaction dialer  by excel sheet, but this issue appear when uploaded the sheet: The excel sheet format: #Outbound ------------------------------ Sajed Salah Fourth Dimension Systems ...

  • Hello All, Researching the best way to add "Ring Sounds" to Interaction Connect .  The contact center I work for would like to add additional "Ring Sounds" so that the contact center agents have more to choose from. Can someone point me to documentation ...

  • Hi Craig, was there any resolution for this, we are facing similar issue. ------------------------------ Praveen D'Costa Verifone ------------------------------

  • Hello everyone,  Is there any option available in interaction designer to use AES encryption ? #AskMeAnything(AMA) ------------------------------ Regards, Subhash Srivastava ------------------------------

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    Poly Headsets

    Does anyone have experience with Poly (formerly Plantronics) headsets? We're looking at a few options, curious if there's any feedback around compatibility, quality, suitability for work from home etc... Considering these models: W700 CS500 W400 Any ...

  • Hi Sean, To do this first you need to create client button on Interaction Administrator under People - Client Buttons. Afterwards you should check the handler which its name like "ClientButtonPressed" , because this handler is called by the buttons ...

  • Kristen, There is a view in the database titled 'EE_TransferEvents_Viw​. As Trent noted, you need to enable data reporting to this table with 'Track Reporting Exceptions' Contained in that view are among other things: SourceQueueName SourceUserName ...

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  • Guillaume, thank you for the response. I'm hopeful your words ring true soon.  Thanks. ------------------------------ Corey Blosser Wolters Kluwer United States Inc., on behalf of its affiliate, CCH Incorporated ------------------------------

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