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  • I need some assistance and/or interested in how others are monitoring Outbound calls for sequential or round robin workgroups in ICBM using workgroup details; queue tab.  I know that if calling on behalf of the workgroup the call will show in the queue ...

  • Hi, We are looking to build report for chat in PureConnect. We are looking for the following stats: Number of Chats Chat Duration (active on at least one chat)- Example, chat at 9a, chat at 9:15a both with an end time of 9:30a, chat duration would ...

  • Sorry if it sounds like the call isn't so aggressive, that's not what you want. I just wanted to know if there are any parameters that limit the number of cached contacts. Callbacks are made when you want to do it, that's no problem. By the way, thanks ...

  • The Salesforce user can't reset their own Genesys dialer password and requires admin intervention every time they forget and often when they have expired as they don't recall the former password.  Is there a self serve solution for this? Thanks. #Self-Service ...

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    RE: IVR integration

    Thanks for the shout-out Aaron :-) IMHO, you are absolutely correct in your assessment of the situation. Tobias, I would recommend that, as a minimum, you attend "Administering the CIC System", a 3-day class which covers the basics of PureConnect, including ...

  • Hi All, Does anybody knows if i need an special license request for social media (Facebook -Twitter)feature ? i have downloaded a non-ordered development lic but it does not have these items I3_FEATURE_SOCIAL_MEDIA I3_ACCESS_ACD_SOCIAL_MEDIA ...

  • Just to throw in another curve-ball... The discussion so far is assuming that the callbacks are Dialer callbacks, not callback objects in the queue created in Attendant. If the latter, then you need to look at the Inbound Workgroup settings on the ACD ...

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    RE: IVR integration

    I don't want to come off as rude, but this is the equivalent of posting a question on stack overflow that is just way too open ended to get a quality response.  You're going to get the "Welcome to stack overflow..." experience. These are some fairly ...

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    IVR integration

    Hi. Maybe somebody can support me in my problem. First of all what I need: I need to make a simple IVR script that - collects inputted by the customer digits - send collected digits to Web Browser Screen Pop with some URL (like site_utl/1-2-3...) What ...

  • To clarify it doesn't sound like you want to adjust cache size but you do want to adjust the dialer so that it is not dialing as aggressively. As others mention by default dialer should be dialing callbacks or scheduled calls first so maybe something ...

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