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  • Hi Alex, We ran into something very similar recently. We worked with support and determined the issue was related to a recent Windows patch on our DC's. Believe the offending roll-up was KB4507459 and/or KB4507460. It may be something worth checking ...

  • ​Has anyone run into when adding a user where you browse out to your domain to add username and when you hit the Get Users button it only populates a partial list from Active Directory? We ran the logs through support and determined it isn't anything ...

  • Do you control DHCP for the remote site? If so, make sure Option 160 is set correctly. ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • Hi folks. We have an offsite team that has set up shop a couple hundred miles away from our primary site. The team has client laptops with SIP SoftPhone configured in IC User Apps (IC 2019 R1 p2): the users are unable to provision the softphone when attempting.After ...

  • I think what you are missing is view access for the workgroup queue under access control.  I did a little playing around with test accounts and a workgroup in our dev environment and that was the one item that when removed would stop them from showing ...

  • Yep, those are the things i have checked an re-checked. Agent1 is member of WGQueue1. Agent2 is member of the Supervisors in WGQueue1. Agent1 has Assistance Button and can request assistance (security rights and access control). Agent1 uses button ...

  • Thanks Paul.  I'm not able to justify taking time out to do an analysis, hence my crowdsourcing it here instead to see if anyone happened to know already.  I know Dialer makes use of IP and handlers in other places, as do other components, so it seemed ...

  • I'm with Mark on this one. You can kind of think of an SBC being like a "Firewall for Telephony" which can dome something very similar to NAT, but for VoIP. It reminates all the SIP sessions and then re-creates them on the other side, so the two networks ...

  • To be honest, I have never traced the process through the differnet subsystems. It's entirely possible that Dialer raises the "Initiate Call Request" event, or it may bypass the Handlers all together. If it matters, you can always place the various Handlers ...

  • Bernard, You may need to stick an SBC between your office and the 3rd party. The SBC can "hide" all of the phones behind it so that all phones will register with the IP address of the SBC interface. This way the remote party can have whatever IP addresses ...

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