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  • Hello, To provide our customers and partners with the best experience, Genesys is constantly transforming and innovating how we can improve our customer/partner experience.  We are looking to transform and improve our Customer Care IVR and would like ...

  • It seems as if rebooting each night resolves this issue. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read and respond to my post.  I get some of the best resolutions from this community :) Tina ------------------------------ Tina Yocum NorthWestern ...

  • Hi, Please check that the machine is within the domain of the organization, otherwise put the fqdn to see how it goes Rafael Guillén ------------------------------ Rafael Guillen Cibercall USA Corp ------------------------------

  • Is there anyone else out there with experience of this? ------------------------------ James Dunn Pitney Bowes Inc. ------------------------------

  • Not a third party app but we push the install with SCCM as part of the SIP Softphone install. ------------------------------ James Dunn Pitney Bowes Inc. ------------------------------

  • I'm sure you go to the bottom of this but, if it truly isn't a network issue, it may be the user's account. If the "Host cannot be reached" message appears immediately it is usually network. If it appears after provisioning then the user's account is ...

  • I see that IWP logs were requested to be shared via FTP in the ticket notes. I will keep a track on the ticket. ------------------------------ Sai Prem M Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Sure The Case was opened last Friday April 9 but since then nothing happened even if I called in a few times via my IVR code or asked for  updates via support portal Case 0002902912 so we are lost at the moment ...I thought I take the community as ...

  • Thank you Horst! Is there a ticket that was raised already?  If not, I would strongly recommend one to be raised so that the standard procedure gathers as much information before we could analyze if this was just a configuration issue or something got ...

  • Hi Anagha, I think the information you're looking for is the DNC meta data table (documentation: https://help.genesys.com/pureconnect/mergedProjects/wh_dlr/mergedProjects/dialer_manager_help2/desktop/meta_table.htm) Q1: As for the pnd status, it is ...

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