PureConnect Q&A Show Episode 5

In this episode full of holiday delights, Matt is joined by Greg Cole, who shares a demo of CX Insights. We hope this leaves you merry and bright! 🎁 

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  • Join Community Manager Matt and Product Line Manager Greg Cole as they discuss burning questions from Genesys' PureConnect Community. This week's topics include: Expert Picks: CX Insights Demo CX Insights Topics include:      - Transitioning from ...

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  • Thank you very much for your assistance. I will give this a shot. ------------------------------ Sean Martin State of California - University of California - UCPath ------------------------------

  • Based on my experiences, yes. ------------------------------ Aaron Lael State of Utah ------------------------------

  • Thank you clearing up that warning. Was I correct in the way I would set up new profiles? ------------------------------ Sean Martin State of California - University of California - UCPath ------------------------------

  • That warning is about using workgroup names in profiles not intended for this purpose, as it is easy to accidentally create an infinite loop.  You would be creating the profile with the specific intent to use the overload feature.  Like I said though, ...

  • Thank you for your quick, informative response. Basically, if I am understanding this right, I would create new profiles in attendant with the same name as the workgroup.  Transfers to this workgroup then move the interaction to this new profile where ...

  • Just curious if anyone has any information on why Pure Connect is missing from the xperience 20 agenda that was sent out yesterday? https://www.genesys.com/events/xperience/agenda/breakouts #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ Scott D Delta ...

  • There's a feature in attendant that if you name an attendant profile the same as your workgroup, when agents initiate a workgroup transfer in their client, it will use the attendant profile instead of transferring directly to queue.  You can put your  ...

  • Hello all. This is my first post here.  This is probably a newbie question. We have recently created additional work group ques to improve metrics and reporting. In our call tree in Attendant when a caller chooses an option, the attribute Eic_AttDynamicWorkgroupSkills ...

  • I am pretty sure the pass from attendant into the handler is going to just treat those as a string since they are passed in. Thus it wont work. ------------------------------ ryan hedlund Stericycle ------------------------------

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