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  • Thanks lot Scott for the feedback this issue occurs to almost every users in the company and we observed in the Interaction Desktop is the Workgroup Activation option is grayed out for almost all users and the users who manually Activate the Workgroup ...

  • Until Genesys adds client templates for Interaction Connect, which I believe is on the road map, agents will have to close this view on their own. ------------------------------ Aaron Lael State of Utah ------------------------------

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  • I cannot hide the Company Directory tab from appearing for all users when they first connect to Interaction Connect web client. I have tried any relevant looking Security and Access Controls for General Directories, but they do not effect the Company ...

  • I'm fairly certain workspace web edition is a Genesys PureEngage product and you have posted to the PureConnect forums.  You'll likely have better luck with the PureEngage folks. ------------------------------ Aaron Lael State of Utah -------------- ...

  • Requirement :: Supervisor want to monitor the voice  interaction of the agents. We have created the Agent with Supervisor Role and assigned all privileges through Access group ,and assigned that agent as supervisor to Virtual Agent Group. Agent ...

  • Mark, I was troubleshooting a recording issue in connection with a custom handler developed by someone else. For the secure intake of credit card information, the agent clicks a button in an application to transfer the customer to an IVR where they ...

  • Thanks for the explanation, Avi. ------------------------------ Steve Hairston CarMax Business Services ------------------------------

  • Hi Steve, As much as i remember it means that if you will track the InteractionID call using ICBM you will see that the basic interaction logs "Transfer" as a segement and it will still listen till the transffered call (new call) terminates -writing ...

  • ​Aha, that was it. I just had -user in there. Used to have it in there but somewhere along the upgrades over the years, left it out. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated! ------------------------------ Alex Belec CUTCO Corporation ---------------- ...

  • I haven't found anything in the knowledge base specifically for this, but I have a shortcut to allow me to do this where I just specify -user=fake at the end of the shortcut target.  It throws the invalid user/password error and brings you up to the credential ...

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