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  • Does anyone know  where external call ports are enforced? Is it at tsserver or the media server?  What happens when the external call ports are exhausted?  We've got a discussion going on internally on basic sessions and media server pooling and I think ...

  • Hi Subhash - I recall having a similar problem in late 2019/early 2020 when Chrome came out with an update that also had something to do with samesite cookies.  I can't recall the specific Chrome version at that time but this was a rather big deal - and ...

  • Hi There Has anyone ever used the Dialer.subscribeToCustomHandlerNotification Method for Custom Scripting. I am able to trigger a Handler from a function but not Subscribe to the Notifications. The example below describes that a listener is to be created ...

  • Got it. Thank you for the help, Ryan!! ------------------------------ Anjelo Brian De Jesus Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. ------------------------------

  • yes so nheld =2 would mean it was but on hold twice. nTransfer =3 would be it was transferred 3 times. ------------------------------ ryan hedlund ------------------------------

  • Hello Ryan, Cool! It makes more sense now.  Just a quick question tho. N = number of times that the operation occurred?  Thank you! ------------------------------ Anjelo Brian De Jesus Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. ------------------------- ...

  • t = time in milliseconds n = number time in Ivr wait and number of holds or transfers etc etc ------------------------------ ryan hedlund ------------------------------

  • Hello, Can someone explain what is the meaning of prefix "t" and prefix "n" in Interaction Details? Thanks! #AskMeAnything(AMA) #QualityManagement #Reporting/Analytics #SystemAdministration ------------------------------ Anjelo Brian ...

  • Hi, We are installing PureConnect on-premise version 2021 R3. CIC is installed and we can access CIC Administrator UI. Installed Interaction Media Server successfully. But while accessing it using http://localhost:8084/ OR https://localhost/, it gives ...

  • Dear Community Members, Thanks for your support as always. We are facing issues while using CIC for salesforce(C4S) on Chrome browser version -96. while login in to C4S, following error is thrown : "The user status could not be obtained. The ...

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