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  • Hi all, as has been speculated in other threads, today we have announced the End of Life schedule for PureConnect.  While all good things must come to an end, we still have plenty of runway in front of us; Support will be available through July 31st ...

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  • Interaction Center Web Services (ICWS) (genesys.com) /icws/{sessionId}/system/handler-notification use above one and from api you can call the handler. ------------------------------ Aasif Aleem STC Pay ------------------------------

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    SMS Text issue

    Currently have callback (ID1) interaction making auto outbound call, but when machine answers, I trans the outbound call (ID2) to a pre recorded message. How can I send a SMS message without messing up the retry on the Callback. When I do it this way ...

  • How long after July 31, 2025 can we expect the licensing portal to still be in place? Will tools/modifications be made so that perpetual licensing customers can still utilize 3rd party licensing that requires activation through Genesys (Nuance products)? ...

  • Via ICWS:  Communicating with Handlers This works a lot like the custom notification toolstep/sendcustomnotification.exe. ------------------------------ Aaron Lael State of Utah - comments on this forum reflect my own personal opinions\observations ...

  • I already have a handler that looks up the schedules for open or close via skills keywords. How can I call that handler thru a API? #Handlers ------------------------------ Richard Smidt Smart Start, Inc ------------------------------

  • Every party has to end  Can not say didnt see that comming  Glad to be there when it was top rated product ------------------------------ Avi Rozen Harel ------------------------------

  • Always had a feeling lockdown would quicken the EOL date. Another product in the telephony world trusted and liked by many coming to a end. Worked on several contact centre solutions over my 35 in telecoms this one must admit for a on premise solution ...

  • This product was definitely an eye opener for me back when I first saw it back in 2010. Sad to see it go but in reality the market has changed so much it's just not viable any more. ------------------------------ Tony Curoso American Telesource, Inc. ...

  • Hi Has someone else experienced scenario of which  "REST http request" tool is stucked and not returning any result ? Taliking about handler threads that are being stucked and IP mechanism wont release them TNX Avi #Handlers ------------------------------ ...

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