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  • Dear All, Has someone faced a problem before with initial calls per agent with power dialing mode as I can see dialer didn't respect no of initial calls per agent as I set  no of initial calls per agent  = 1 & max line per campaign = 3 & A bandoned ...

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  • Dear All, Does anyone have an idea about how to make PureConnect Pop Web Page when agent make an outbound call, What I reached till now is to open CustomInitiateCallRequest handler and  set the Eic_ScreenPopNam e = "URL" and Eic_ScreenPopData ...

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  • Hey Tam! I think you would have more success posting this in the PureCloud forum..... ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • Another possible solution is to add a node (database query) in Attendant and you will create a table in DB that you can use to check against. This solution can be keep in place and you can add numbers as you need to via Interaction Dialer (Contact List) ...

  • ​Hi there, Our chat reps handle 4 chats, and are also members of our email queue. We do not put them on live calls as that would take priority, and would mean the chats are live, but waiting for the CSR to finish their call. hope that helps! Therese ...

  • The ANI idea is great, however when the caller withheld their number (as the can in Europe) the calls will come straight through again as there is no ANI you can't block the caller, just be aware that they will do this after a few attempts. If the ...

  • Buttons: Phone button to receive and send. End button Problem: I'm getting a delayed response (about 4 seconds) when clicking on this button. Has anyone experience this before and how did you fix it?Any information would help before I make a support ...

  • You could create a new inbound profile that looks for your existing inbound profile's DNIS and your troublesome ANI (since attendant will use this as an AND operator) and then add whatever you want (a disconnect, an error .wav file) into that attendant ...

  • Good afternoon community, We have been having a high dropout rate for one of our Inbound Campaigns. We started to see what caused this and we detected a specific number. Is there a native tool that can reject these calls or do I have to modify the attendant ...

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    Chat best practices

    We are getting ready to start implementation of Chat and I was hoping for some best practice suggestions.   Would a rep that currently handles live calls also handle incoming chats or should we have dedicated reps who only handle chat? How many chat ...

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