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  • Happy December PureConnect Community,  Our team is hosting an  Ugly Sweater Holiday Zoom Party   on Friday, December 17th, and we would love to have you there! All you have to do is RSVP, secure your spot, and show up in your ugliest sweater. No ...

  • The CIC SNMP is ignoring the settings in the Windows SNMP Service if they are set via windows group policy. Please see SCR IONCORE-2292 for more information. ------------------------------ Andreas Tikart Fiebig GmbH ------------------------------

  • Thanks for this! We are looking at managing agent behaviour when they get chats like this, however it is good to know what work would be involved if the business did push for this ------------------------------ Ella Ramsay MYOB --------------------- ...

  • Another approach you could try is to use the PARSE STRING tool to split the string up into a list of words using spaces as delimiters. You can then use the FIND List tool to search the list of words. You would also need to account for removing punctuation ...

  • All, Thought I'd bring this question/issue to our resident experts. We're standing up a new Greenfield environment and the Nessus scan is flagging our Media and IC servers with the High Vulnerability documented below. Have any of you ran into this ...

  • If you implement something like this, ensure that you implement it with some solid regex rather than just simple string matching, lest you run afoul of the The Scunthorpe Problem . ------------------------------ Aaron Lael State of Utah - comments ...

  • I built a chat bot and built a list of strings it looks for in a sentence then just changes it. Its all handler based though. ------------------------------ ryan hedlund ------------------------------

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  • Just wondering, how would you go about looking for particular strings, if you did go down this path? ------------------------------ Ella Ramsay MYOB ------------------------------

  • Eric PM me and we can connect. I assume multi site? ------------------------------ ryan hedlund ------------------------------

  • Thanks Scott. While that documentation describes the licenses from the media server perspective, it doesn't go in to enough depth to answer my questions. ------------------------------ Eric Berkshire Broker Solutions, Inc. DBA New American Funding ...

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