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  • Hello all, Has there been any further updates on this topic?  We have 7 months remaining before IWP becomes unusable. ------------------------------ Anthony Greer Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore Pte Ltd ------------------------------

  • Hello Tony, You need to select the auto-answer function from the user setting not just add it in the Script you will find it in User -----> ACD ----> Option ----> Auto-Answer ACD Interaction Regards, ------------------------------ Amr Khalil IST ...

  • Hello team, I have some campaigns configured with different types of dialing, AgentLess and predictive. Dialing without problems, however; the calldisconnectedtime field in the callhistory table shows very high values even though the call was successful. ...

  • Thank you Kenn!   That did the job. ------------------------------ Leo De La Garza Certified Languages Int'l and Translation ------------------------------

  • Hi Cyntia, I'm in the same situation you were in a while ago. Did you finally get it? After testing, I visualized doing debug in the "CustomInitiateCallRequest" handler, that in a call if you assign a workgroup in the advanced dialing options, in the ...

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    RE: Callbacks

    Tina, if you didn't get the attachment. Pleas email me at richard.smidt@smartstartinc.com and I will send you the handler. ------------------------------ Richard Smidt Smart Start, Inc ------------------------------

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    RE: Callbacks

    I created a handler to check the calling from number against the workgroup prior to offering a callback. It also emails me when this occurs. Attached it the handler ------------------------------ Richard Smidt Smart Start, Inc ---------------------- ...

  • Kenn is correct, they remain in your Scheduling Unit.  You have prevented them from receiving interactions for those workgroups in IA. ------------------------------ Chip Funk Manager, Business Consulting Genesys - Employees ------------------------ ...

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    RE: Callbacks

    I have not done this but was prepared for the business to bring this up. I write some data to custom attributes and map them to the custom attributes table for callbacks. So what we do since we don't have the callers ANI as most our callers are transferred ...

  • ​Leo, Optimizer is an odd one for sure!  It's because you still have those associates assigned to a shift definition in that scheduling unit.  If you want them to be completely removed, you will need to remove their shift assignment, agent group and ...

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