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  • Dear PureConnect Community, Congratulations on hitting 1k members! It's a big achievement and there is some great stuff coming to you shortly.  If you have not heard yet, we will be doing an AMA on August 28th where you can ask questions to some of ...

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    UDL Dialer Oracle

    Hi Team, While running dialer Udl file from the dialer server we are  getting the error  As for the Genesys Document   If you use   Microsoft SQL Server , select   Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server . If you use   Oracle , select   Oracle ...

  • ​Hello Anthony, Thank you to share your configuration. We are also using DialogFlow for our tests, the integration works but we are still working on to make it ready for a production usage. We are analysing the GoogleFlow integration limits and features. ...

  • ​Hello Matt, We are desesperatly looking for more documentation for a "PureConnect" usage of the widgets. Can you check with your teams that the documentation will include : - more information on layout and visual aspect (css style) - details on passing ...

  • Hi Mark, Thank you for your comment. I suspected this would be the case and I assume that if AgentA was to have transferred the call back into QueueA instead of QueueB then it would then not add an additional nAnsweredACD stat as it was tranferred within ...

  • Hello, I am looking at the user availability for one of our agents and the Non-ACD seems off.  It is the exact amount of time that DND and Unavailable shows.  I have read some of the other questions posted by users on the very same report and Non-ACD ...

  • oh very nice, I will give it a try, I had no idea about the dseditu command. very useful. ------------------------------ Kamyar Yazdani Aria Solutions ------------------------------

  • You'd want to use the System tool "Get Ds Attr".  I'd recommend looking at the help page for the tool as it provides insight into how to retrieve some paths that will be helpful.  Also, if you aren't aware, on the server itself, you can run "dseditu" ...

  • Hi Arron, Thank you for the info. very useful. I am not very familiar with DS tools. would I use the lookup tool? ACD post alert that you suggested have a p_sAgentQueueId. can I used that in the lookup tool? something like this? Key Type:"User" ...

  • The location field is available in directory services as an attribute of the User named "Location".  If the attribute isn't present on the user, they are in the default location.  This means you should be able to retrieve this value with handlers once ...

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