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  • How are these calls being dispositioned in the Call History and what is the Status of the Call Record and the number (from the PND table). One of the most commin issues I see (especially outside of North America, so anywhere not using NANP) is that call ...

  • All -  I'm just trying to find the peak usage of licenses for all Media type for a particular day, i would like to see the trend for few months by using this reports, is there any report on ICBM that i can check or any SQL script who might be using and ...

  • Mauricio, The SIP engine log will give you more details as to why the call is failing. Does this happen on all calls in the campaign or some of them? Are your call list phone numbers sanitized? Are you set up to use a specific line group or dial plan ...

  • Andrew, _SystemIVRTransferHub_ is a special workgroup which is used for internal transfers within the system along with some other things such as station groups. Depending on the version of CIC you are on I have seen people accidentally set up forwarding ...

  • So are you saying that the filter configured in Interaction Administrator is not the same as the actual filter used to query the database? When did you move the additional conditional Queue = ca31 from the filter? I have not seen this behavior in dialer ...

  • Andreas, I don't think it is possible to restrict access to add entries to the public contacts. I think you need to create a custom contact list and restrict modify rights. Then again there may be a way to do this and I'm just not seeing it as pretty ...

  • Hi, I am setting an Agentless Campaign in dialer. When are being disconnected by the system with an operation failed error. Here is a call log example: CDeallocator::PerformDeallocations : 11:49:00: Initializing 11:49:00: Entered Workgroup Test ...

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    RE: Custom Dashbaord

    If you're creating a dashboard that is hosted by a server and effectively always running, you could achieve this by subscribing to the sessions for the subset of users you are trying to monitor.  You'll see sessions get added as users log on, and removed ...

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    Custom Dashbaord

    Dears Pure connect Community,  I am create custom dashboard using ICWS API, and I am facing an issue with retrieving "agents login time" in real time way. Please, help  Thanks #Integrations ------------------------------ Saad Tokaz Pioneers Outsourcing ...

  • Armando, Where are you seeing this? Not something I've come across! ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

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