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  • I would recommend you run wireshark traces and confirm where the BYE message is originated from. ------------------------------ Sivakumar Natarajamoorthy, Genesys Certified Professional, Dubai. ------------------------------

  • Hi, We use CIC 2017 R4. When a client initiate web chat and our agent pick up the interaction, a chat pop-up window opens in the Interaction Desktop, so the agent can chat. When the client disconnects the web session on his end, the agent's chat window ...

  • Hi Guys, I have a problem with a customer, As after upgrading the customers release from 2016 R1 Patch 17 to 2018 R4 Patch 2, the customer has an automatic disconnect specially for inbound calls, after i troubleshoot internal network  no problem is found. ...

  • It depends on the data that you're trying to gather. The two methods that I've used are writing a handler that pulls values from directory services (goal was to get the outbound ANI currently assigned to every user)  and concatenates them into a CSV ...

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  • In Interaction Administrator you can go to File - Print and from User Phone Directory choose which details you would like to export to csv files. This is not the copy of all details but you may use it. Hope it helps ------------------------------ Раско ...

  • Hey all - Does anyone know if there is a way to copy the User container table and paste to Excel? ------------------------------ Mark Oleksik ------------------------------

  • Thanks Vineet, the way i have done is create 2 different profiles in interaction attendant. one has complete IVR which is 24X7 and second has only agent transfer which has a different schedule. based on the timings it goes to the voicemail. Regards, ...

  • In theory anything that supports MRCP 2.0  should  work. I have seen people use NeoSpeech for TTS. However if you run into an issue you may not get any support from your VAR/Genesys as they may simply say well we see the rest go out and come back and ...

  • Hello, This is a question related to IPA. We are developing some new Work Item tasks in IPA and wanted to call a handler to do more complex logic. The handler is called correctly from the task, but even after the handler has finished, the IPA task errors ...

  • Considering that for Serbian there's no Nuance ASR/TTS we have used a local product and configured with CIC and it works quite well in our case / Print Screen from our Development ------------------------------ Раско Радојевић Rasko Radojevic -- ...

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