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  • I agree, that is how i understand it and seen it work. One caveat to this is if you do anything with skills (Add or remove) once it has entered the queue. When the skills get updated the interaction is removed from the ACD queue and then placed back in, ...

  • Good morning Community! This morning we had an issue with our dialer, where filters that have been in place for years suddenly were showing no callable contact. We removed the filters and reapplied them and suddenly their were callable contacts, no change ...

  • On Interaction Connect, if the user adds a contact list, e.g. "IC Public Contacts" to his Desktop to his view pane, he is able add entres and remove entries he has added before on his own, even if he does not have the directory edit right. How can we ...

  • We have written custom reports to get these values.  The ACD logged In and call handle times are both available in the database.  The "User Productivity" report has handle time and the "User Availability" report has logged in time, but no report has both. ...

  • From the work I've done with priority, this seems correct.  I always create a few test cases and test these out in DEV, though, and then validate in the ACD logs unless something is fairly simple.  I'm guessing you already know this, but just to make ...

  • I am trying to determine the correct priority setting in the ACD by setting "Eic_AttDynamicWorkgroupPriority" to the correct level for two separate call flows that route to the same workgroup. We receive calls from two streams, the first is Indirect, ...

  • Hi Mark Yes, I think I did write the right query to search that missing Interaction ID.  Please see the screenshots as attached. ID 2040193856 was the one that I didn't pickup the forwarded call.  2040193848 was the one that I did answer. I am not ...

  • Hi Aaron. Yes perfect.  Now I have my Cookie and correct control of the Interaction.  Many thanks for your swift assist.! ------------------------------ Paul Abbott Next Holdings Ltd ------------------------------

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  • Josh you life saver.!!  not gonna admit how long I've struggled with this.!!  Can't believe I didn't spot that.   Thank you SO much. Paul ------------------------------ Paul Abbott Next Holdings Ltd ------------------------------

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  • Frank, Perhaps there is an issue with your SQL query as these calls should be getting written to the interactionsummary table. Have you written a query such as  select * from interactionsummary where interactionid = 'Your Interaction ID Here' I suppose ...

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