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    Skills reporting

    We would like to report on the skill required when a call was answered, and the proficiency of the agent that answered the call. I am currently looking into using the CustomACDPostAlert to gather the info, assign it to an attribute, and map the attribute ...

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    RE: QoS Reporting

    I have always used network tools like SolarWinds, Splunk, or other collectors to monitor traffic between end points.  AFAIK, pureconnect does not log this data in a reportable fashion. ------------------------------ Tim Cannon ---------------------- ...

  • Hi There,  Hoping someone can advise whether we would have an issue creating a process of saving backup schedules in Optimizer as a contingency in the event our published schedules have issues or errors that inadvertently made.  We would like to have ...

  • Christopher, The database connection set up by Setup Assistant is the one used for reporting, not the one that gets used by Handlers and / or Attendant Database Actions. This may explain the behavior you are seeing, especially if you don't use the reporting ...

  • So we have a fully hardened environment, and I have been unable to use Setup assistant to set up my database. I do not think I will be able to have the lower protocols enabled, but this helps as I thought this was my version of the SQL driver.  I think ...

  • Thanks! My apologies for not remembering your name ;-) Let us know how the upgrade goes. ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ------------------------------

  • Thank you Mr. Simpson.  Much appreciate the advise.  I really enjoyed attending your Handler class. Nelson Torres ------------------------------ [Nelson] [Torres] [Carilion Clinic] ------------------------------

  • Ok, So first things first. Things CAN (and sometimes do) go wrong, so backup everything. Right, so the procedure is as follows: Test everything in your development / test environment. Assuming you have the recommended N+1 redundancy for your ...

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  • Hello All, New to Genesys PureConnect and have a task were I need to upgrade from 2019 R4 Patch 6 to 2020 R3 Patch 2.  The documentation I found to follow is CIC Server Installation (below). https://help.genesys.com/pureconnect/mergedProjects/wh_tr/mergedProjects/wh_tr_installation_and_configuration/desktop/chapter_11_cic_server_installation.htm ...

  • @Paul Simpson any ideas? ​ ------------------------------ Andrew Wooster Genesco Inc. ------------------------------

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