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- Episode 10 -

Join Matt as he learns about "The most amazing Genesys software you’ve never heard of: Latitude by Genesys”. We also have a quick check in with George and get a glimpse of Matt's new house.  
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  • Hey Everyone, Cris and Ian from the  Latitude by Genesys  team stopped by the Q&A Show to give a quick overview of Latitude, which is always striving to solve the collections and recovery challenge! This video gives a great overview of the product, ...

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  • Genesys Customer Care is joining the acceleration to Cloud! Customer Care has been working to move all Customer Care product support teams to a single Genesys Cloud CX platform. So far, the Genesys Cloud support team has been successfully moved to the ...

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  • I currently have a PureConnect inbound Attendant IVR with an option that sends callers over to a Twilio voice bot via PSTN. Once the caller finishes with the chat bot, there is an option within Twilio to send the caller back over to the PureConnect IVR ...

  • So I gave it a try and the SMS still went out the second route.  I also changed it to a .* (first route) and it went out the first route.  A quick and dirty test to see if my account settings are good. Wade  ------------------------------ Wade Ratzlaff ...

  • What wildcard are you using that doesn't work? I haven't done much with SMS, but you could try something like .*17145551231 .* (I don't know if the broker has extra stuff before and after the number?) ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior ...

  • Yes it was a typo.  I am looking to send an sms out on a different TFN.  I have 10 sequential TFN's.  With the wild card it is going out on the first choice.  so I would like to move my new TFN to the top of the list and have my new campaign go out ...

  • Wade, I just want to check that it isn't a typo in the question. Are you saying you want to drop the extra 5 in the number before matching to the list? If so, is it always one additional digit? If so, is it always a 5? Can this digit appear anywhere ...

  • Hello Pure Connect community, I have a regular expression question for the community. In Interaction Administrator under SMS Configuration we find Outbound routing.  It is a first match and out routing table.   What I am looking for is an example ...

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    RE: Wrap Up Code

    Hi Mr. Peter I already enabled the check box but still the same  according to the alphabet, maybe in Arabic language this feature not work! ------------------------------ Sajed Salah Fourth Dimension Systems ------------------------------

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    RE: Wrap Up Code

    Thank you team I will check it ------------------------------ Sajed Salah Fourth Dimension Systems ------------------------------

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