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  • initializing it is 30 seconds not 10  ------------------------------ Mahmoud Kamal Perfect Presentation Telecommunication ------------------------------

  • Hi Mahmoud, What's the state of the interaction during the 10 seconds? Proceeding or initializing ? Regards ------------------------------ Mohammed Bazzi Viacomms Telecom KSCC ------------------------------

  • Update ,   this occurred also in case i am using interaction desktop, thanks ------------------------------ Mahmoud Kamal Perfect Presentation Telecommunication ------------------------------

  • Hello Dears, I have an issue with the Sip softphone that if I left the interaction connect idle for a while ( about one minute ) and return back to make a call , hen call is taking 10 about seconds in initializing mode then call disconnect because your ...

  • Ah I see, yes for that amount of users I too understand that it is not a suitable solution. I checked the documentation and was looking for a way to script this but I do not find a good way neither via a handler or icws. One way would be the import ...

  • Hello Pontus,  thank you for your replay, it was a path we thought about...but we have more then 10000 users, and create a remote station and assing manually a mobile phone number it's a very huge work...and also to maintain that configuration updated ...

  • Hello Egill, thank you for your feedback. We did it, but removing the rights...Interaction Desktop stopped to work. We will not able to perform call anymore. Davide ------------------------------ Davide Graziani Arval Service Lease ----------------- ...

  • Hi Davide, One solution is as you state to hide the column for the users. But I guess the solution is to create Remote Stations and in them link the remote number instead. Thus displaying the Remote Station name and not the number in the client. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hey Davide, You should be able to hide this Column by removing Access to it using Access Control for all roles that have this checked.  This way no one can add it again unless they have the rights to do it. First remove the *[All] rights from the ...

  • Hi - I'm looking to find out if anyone has heard any recent news or high-level conversations pertaining to the future of Attendant and Administrator.  Every future roadmap document I have reviewed seems to focus solely on IC, ICBM, WFM and key integration ...

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