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  • Tell us your cloud services dream… https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T3MWKGD Genesys Cloud is all about great cloud services that you can use with any of our products and solutions. Help us help you with this quick 8-question ...

  • Nathan, Are you sure that the system isn't creating a new interaction when the call is blind transferred? I don't have much experience with ICWS but in handlers you can specify a fully qualified queue and the call will transfer to the queue, instead ...

  • Tyler, Although rare take a look to see ININ Tracing Initialization XX-Y (where XX is the major version number and Y is the minor version number of the CIC software you have installed on your PC) is running on the PC. I have seen where something gets ...

  • Hi Tina, Before we go too far down the rabbit-hole, let me make sure I understand your requirements. Do I take it that you want users to be able to set up a forwarding so that callers can leave a VM which then gets processed as an ACD interaction by the ...

  • Hi Mirza, I'm not sure what you mean by "e-mail campaign". While PureConnect can be used for e-mail  interactions with your customers, the primary outbound part of the product (Dialer) is not intended for mass e-mail. Perhaps if you could let us know ...

  • Hello, Good Morning. I was trying to find a documentation on email campaign supported by Pure Connect. Request you to kindly share the Link for the same  Regards Mirza #Outbound ------------------------------ Mirza Mahboob Baig Al Arabiya Systems ...

  • Hello all. I have an issue where we are storing some custom session data in a call attribute. The information is good and we like what we initially see. However we are loosing this custom attribute when a blind transfer is performed. For now we are currently ...

  • ​Hello, I am looking for guidance when using the "Status is Forward" to use in order to forward to a workgroup voicemail.  I have tested this in our DEV environment, spoofed the workgroup inbound number while having my status set as forward and the workgroup ...

  • Sorry for not replying sooner. I did not know that there were release notes(What's New!) for Designer until I saw this note. Thank you for your update! ------------------------------ Yusuke Higashino Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation(CTC) ------- ...

  • I've installed #Scripter and have used the #trace  Configuration utility to specify a log file directory on a Windows 10 machine. However, no matter what directory I select or the permissions on it, it is not generating any #log  files. I've tried ...

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