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  • 1.  Build team supervisor in WFM Genesys Cloud

    Posted 07-21-2021 05:47
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    I would like have feedback regarding what is the best way for build my contact center in WFM Genesys Cloud.
    The configuration is quite simple, each supervisor team(10 teams) handles his own queue and must have his dedicated coverage, 2 team share the same queues but located in different location, an I have one special team located in different country, it means working with a different timezone.
    I'm thinking about 2 configurations :
    -> Configuration 1 :1 business unit and each supervisor team gives one specific management unit
    ->Configuration 2 : 1 business unit with 1 management unit with all agents.

    Conditions :
    - For each supervisor team, there are no difference in term of scheduling, adherence, time off request, shift trade.(settings of management unit)
    - Each supervisor can see the schedules of other teams
    - The workplan are shared between all the teams.

    From my point of view, the configuration 1 gives more configuration work time, (we have to duplicate the workplan, work plan rotation,..) for each management unit but gives a better visibility on the schedules (we can filter by mangement unit in the schedule for retrieve the supervisor teams) and have coverage by management unit.(or addition the coverage of multiple management unit)
    With configuration 2, less configuration work time, but need to use the agent filter in the schedule for retrieve my supervisor team.
    For both configuration, for the team located in different timezone, I have to manage this directly in the schedule level (instead create a specific business unit with different time zone)?

    thanks for your hints.

    #Genesys Multicloud CX cloud


  • 2.  RE: Build team supervisor in WFM Genesys Cloud

    Posted 07-22-2021 08:27
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    Don't forget the concept of Planning Groups as you start out. Since we can filter by Planning Group in the schedule we can see our "common skilled" agents together.

    Greg Barrett
    Outdoor Network LLC

  • 3.  RE: Build team supervisor in WFM Genesys Cloud

    Posted 07-22-2021 08:44
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    Hi Greg,

    thanks for feedback.

    But I thought the Planning groups are limited to one media type, if the agents from the same team handle several media type we cannot create one planning group per team.


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