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  • 1.  Ho do I display Queue Flow Out statistics?

    Posted 02-12-2018 23:20

    In PureCloud help and the Resource centre, flow-outs metrics are described as follows:


    "The flow-outs metric represents the number of interactions that leave a queue without an agent handling or transferring the interaction. Flow-outs can occur when the system has configured interactions to overflow after a specific amount of time. Flow-outs can also occur if the caller opts to exit out of the queue and return to the IVR. Flow-outs are an indication of customer service level and queue productivity. High numbers of flow-outs can indicate staffing issues or ineffective agents when used with high handle times (bullseye matching metrics)".


    But none of the Queue Stats or Metrics display a column for Flow outs. Is this dynamic, in that you have to specifically configure a flow out from a queue in Architect, before the colum appears in a historical queue or metrics report? Thanks

  • 2.  RE: Ho do I display Queue Flow Out statistics?

    Posted 02-13-2018 13:56

    Hi Peter,


    We are currently working through a set of enhancements to our Queues Performance views. When this work is released, you will be able to add Flow-Out count as a configurable column in those views, and you'll be able to export that data as well.

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