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  • 1.  Edge Port/Trunk mapping

    Posted 11-23-2017 12:05

    Hello Everyone.


    We are designing the Edge network interfaces for our client. Based on the resource center I can have multiple trunks (external/phone) associated with the same edge physical port. Is there any rule of thumb to decide what trunks to split or share between ports?


    Our client will have the WAN connection to PureCloud, an external trunk for the PSTN, a external trunk for their existing call managers and also a phone trunk for webrtc and another for softphones.


    How should we address these trunks among the edge ports.



    Daniel Grosso (Lisbon, PT)

  • 2.  RE: Edge Port/Trunk mapping

    Posted 11-27-2017 21:26



    There is no hard and fast rule for associating trunks to Edge ports. According to my sources, it doesn't matter. So you can basically assign the trunks to any available port.

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