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  • 1.  Edge servers monitoring

    Posted 11-06-2017 16:34

    Greetings everyone.


    Our client Infra-structure responsible is concerned about how Edge servers are monitored. We have standard V2 models and we've been told that there's no need to configure the iLO interface. Without an iLO interface, some variables might not be controlled. For instance, a fan malfunctioning and consequent overheating might not be detected and, in a worst case scenario, cause damages to other HW on the data center.

    Given this, how can we guarantee to our client the physical health of the edges trough out time? Are they being monitored remotely or something?



    Daniel Grosso

  • 2.  RE: Edge servers monitoring

    Posted 11-07-2017 16:36

    We had similar concerns and were told the management interface is not for customer use. The only monitoring of edges we run is a ping. So far we haven't had any hardware issues so I don't know how these are displayed. In the end we settled on the fact that we have multiple edges for redundancy.

  • 3.  RE: Edge servers monitoring

    Posted 11-07-2017 17:36

    Hello Jason.


    Thank u for answering.


    Our client is actually not concerned about edge availability as that is something that we will guarantee with multiple edges. Their concern is that an unintended malfunction (like overheating) might cause damages to other HW on the DataCenter.




  • 4.  RE: Edge servers monitoring

    Posted 11-08-2017 17:53

    Makes sense. Apart from external monitoring not sure there is much else you can do at present. Going to be an enhancement request.?

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