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Voice & Email Priority Weighting

  • 1.  Voice & Email Priority Weighting

    Posted 02-26-2020 01:25

    Hi guys,

    We currently have our emails going into one queue, and our inbound calls going into another queue. In order to receive both and blend inbound calls and emails, they need to log into two queues.

    We are hoping to simplify this and put inbound calls and emails into the same queue.

    I just want to check something first - is the 'Priority' field under Contact Center > Emails the same as the 'Priority' field associated with the Transfer to ACD task for inbound calls in Architect?

    i.e. if I set the email priority at 1, and all calls at 2 and above, and then route those calls and emails to the same queue, will emails only be presented if there are no calls in the queue, even if the email has been waiting for a while? If not, is there a way to achieve this?

    What we DON'T want is for an email to be prioritised over a call in any situation, even if the email has been waiting a few hours and the call only a few minutes.  



    Katie Brassell
    Compassion Australia

  • 2.  RE: Voice & Email Priority Weighting

    Posted 02-26-2020 05:02
    The direct answer to your first question is, yes, the Priority in the email settings and the Priority set in Architect have the same effect on ACD routing.

    That said, I'll have to give a quick explanation of how Priority works to help get you what you want. It is not as simple as the interaction with the highest priority always being routed first.

    For basic ACD, Genesys Cloud does First-In-First-Out (FIFO) routing. Meaning, it looks at the time the interactions entered the queue, and it routes the one that arrived first (based on the time down to a millisecond).

    Every point of Priority applied to an interaction actually shifts that arrival time back by one minute (actually 60,000 milliseconds). So, if a call and an email both arrive at 12:01:00.000 and the call has a priority of 2 while the email has a priority of 0, to the ACD system it looks like the call arrived at 11:59:00.000 and the email arrived in queue at 12:01:00.000. Thus, between those two interactions the call gets routed first.

    However, if another call arrives at 12:03:30.000 and is assigned a priority of 2, that call looks like it arrived at 12:01:30.000 and will be routed after the email. Not what you want, and it happened within a 3-minute time span.

    So, to make sure that calls get routed ahead of emails no matter what you need to make the system think that all calls arrived before the oldest emails sitting in queue. I don't know your situation, but let's say you have emails which arrive on Friday at 17:00 after the queue has just closed, and they sit in queue all weekend until the queue opens at 08:00 on Monday. That equals 3780 minutes which we have to make up for with a Priority setting on the calls. Just to be safe, I would probably set the priority in Architect to 10,000.

    You may well ask, "How?" since Architect only shows 5 stars in the setting in your screenshot, and each half star is only 1 point of Priority (total of 10 available).

    You need to take advantage of a non-intuitive option for setting Priority in Architect. First, you need to switch the Priority entry field from Literal to Expression:

    Then, instead of just typing 10000 in that field (it has a maximum limit of 10 when typed directly) you need to enter 1+9999:

    For those who care about such things, the max value is 10+999999999999999 (minutes).

    That's a long explanation. Hopefully not too confusing. I put in a lot of detail for those who come along later and find this thread.

    George Ganahl GCP (PureCloud), ICCE
    Principal Technology Consultant

  • 3.  RE: Voice & Email Priority Weighting

    Posted 02-26-2020 05:05
    One other thing you may not have considered...

    Utilization is set up by default to allow a Voice interaction to interrupt an Email interaction. So, even if an agent is actively working on an email a call should still route to that agent to be answered, effectively putting the email on "hold" until the call is done and the agent returns to working on it.

    George Ganahl GCP (PureCloud), ICCE
    Principal Technology Consultant