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  • 1.  Routing with two possibailities

    Posted 05-05-2019 03:06
    Edited by Richard Dib 05-05-2019 03:09
    Hey everyone

    we are looking at building a inbound call flow with two possibilities based on two skill sets and availability.

    How we will have it built is have skillets assigned to specific agents (3 for now) and if they are idle on queue to route to them via queue(Call this Skillet one),

    and if they are not available we will route to a specific play message and route back to the same queue with another skill set (call this skill set two) where the rest of our agents will be on (around 20 agents).

    the idea behind this is
    Agents with skillet one, if a client calls they wont hear any IVR message
    and agents with skillet two the client will hear a IVR message.

    I assume this will be a switch statement but just need help with the logic of it.

    Any help will be appreciated .



  • 2.  RE: Routing with two possibailities

    Posted 05-09-2020 19:19
    Edited by Paulo Mesquita do not use 05-09-2020 19:20
    Hi Richard,

    You probably already found a solution for this.

    I think a good solution is to implement the logic before transfer the call to the queue.
    You need a Data Action to check if you have agents with status "On Queue" and the skill you want.

    So, if the Data Action returns:
    • Agents > 0 - Transfer to the queue with Skill 1
    • Agents = 0 - Play the audio and transfer to the queue with Skill 2

    Also, you can specify different priorities to these two types of calls

    Paulo Mesquita
    Spark NZ Trading

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