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  • 1.  Counting number of idle agents from different queues

    Posted 12-15-2021 08:37
    Edited by Matt Lawson 05-09-2022 09:34

    I'm doing a count of idle agents from different queues (through a data action) through providing a list of queues (as you can't get this in one go by providing multiple queues in analytics API/data action but HAVE to be queried one by one). Here below are the steps I'm taking.

    1- queue collection
    2- looping though data action for the idle agents
    3- putting the idle agents in a collection = AddItemAt(MakeList(ToInt(Task.idle_agents)), Task.index, ToInt(Task.idle_agents))
    4- getting the item at the specified index = GetAt(Task.total_idle_collection, Task.index)
    5- making a total = if(IsNotSetOrEmpty(Task.counting_total), 0, Task.counting_total) + Task.total_idle

    Everything is working fine but ONLY for first two queues in the collection (I set the count/result of total to TTS). Once it loops to 3rd queue I get the result from data action but above mentioned total count fails and follows the error handling path.

    Can anyone suggest what should be going wrong or if I'm making a mistake somewhere?

    #Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Kind regards,

    Asad Saqlain

  • 2.  RE: Counting number of idle agents from different queues

    Posted 12-17-2021 05:03
    Finally fixed it myself. There was an issue in the first collection mentioned above (making list with idle_agents wasn't the correct manner :).

    Kind regards,

    Asad Saqlain

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