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  • 1.  Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 03-26-2021 00:28
    Hello All,

    I am asking if I can your advice on a process we run at our company,

    We currently have an outbound sales team across Australia that call leads form salesforce, it is a team of around 100 agents in total.

    All 100 staff will use the same outbound number (mobile number), and each agent will have on average 60+ dials per day. If someone was to call that mobile number back it will route back to a queue.

    As we are not calling active clients and calling leads our number for this campaign gets marked as spam and as a result our conversion rate for prospects picking up the call can suffer when they see it come up as "Fraud" or "Spam"

    My question I have are

    1. Can anything be done to prevent our number being marked as spam? Or do you have suggestions?
    2. Are there any apps or any services that can detect or report on this?
    3. Is there anyone on this forum that had this same issue, and find a way to prevent it from happening?

    I know we can register with services such as Hiya but just wanting some advice


  • 2.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 03-29-2021 08:35
    Hi Richard
    While we're not doing sales calls, erroneous spam labeling is an issue for us as a well and is a bit of a hot topic amongst our executive leadership. I'm in the process of registering our numbers with a handful of places (including Hiya) but beyond that, I don't know that there's an easy fix. Most of the articles out there offer pretty rudimentary suggestions - place less calls, change your numbers, etc - that for us at least, are already things we do or aren't realistic solutions. Interested to hear what others have/are doing. I appreciate the intent of trying to protect/alert consumers with this spam labeling, but it also presents a real problem for legitimate business calls.

    Emily Kammerer
    Ascendium Education Group, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 03-29-2021 23:38
    Thanks Emily,
    I will explore the options

    Richard Dib

  • 4.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 03-30-2021 10:54

    You can reach out to the carriers for help in delisting your number as spam.

    Nathan Smith
    ConvergeOne, Inc.

  • 5.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 04-01-2021 16:30
    What are you doing about the required field for 'website' that shows that it is a real number for your company.  I just found out about the Hiya portal and request process, but many of our outbound numbers are not publicly listed, especially if it a local number that is configured as a destination for a toll free number.

    Brenda Wynne
    Alcon Vision LLC

  • 6.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 04-01-2021 22:30
    Hi Brenda
    We are in a similar situation in that many numbers are not publicly listed. Nevertheless, I still included our corporate website on the Hiya form. I received a notification (surprisingly soon after submitting their form) that they complied with my request, registering all of the numbers I provided and removing the spam label. Of the various requests I've submitted, theirs has yielded the best and fastest result thus far.

    Emily Kammerer
    Ascendium Education Group, Inc.

  • 7.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 04-05-2021 23:46
    Thanks for your help all

    I will reach out to Hiya

    Richard Dib

  • 8.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 04-13-2021 12:44
    Just a note to folks in North America who are in the same boat:

    If you use Genesys Cloud Voice (ie. you don't use Bring Your Own Carrier), it's worthwhile noting that they're going to be fully implementing STIR/SHAKEN in the June timeframe (according to the latest I heard).

    If the phone number you're using as your CLID is a GCV-owned number, they will mark it as Full Attestation (A).  If it's a number you owned but from another carrier that your forward to GCV, it'll only show up as Partial Attestation (B).  This will decrease the chance that your call will be picked up.

    Regardless, if you use GCV I recommend you reach out to Genesys to verify how STIR/SHAKEN will affect you.  If you use your own carrier, make sure to reach out to them as all carriers need to implement it this year in both Canada and US.

    Scott Montague
    Rogers Communications

  • 9.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 04-13-2021 17:40

    Scott brings up a good point about those numbers you brought over. 

    One approach is to clear them up in the CNAM database held by Neustar:

    I've been working and playing with Genesys since 1995.

    Arizona USA

  • 10.  RE: Outbound number coming up as spam

    Posted 04-23-2021 09:43

    Here is what I just received from Genesys Cloud Support - not sure myself if this will truly address the SPAM issue but I wanted to share this.

    Yes, there is. Let's start with an explanation of the problem. When configured to do so, Genesys Cloud Voice does indeed pass on both the Calling Name (company name) and the Calling Address (phone number) to display as the Caller ID. The reason that the Calling Name does not display consistently is that not all carriers support the display of the Calling Name unless it is in a Line Information Database (LIDB) database. LIDBs are managed by third-parties.

    If you send a list of Genesys Cloud Voice US and Canada DID phone numbers and the Calling Name to be associated with each to we will add that information to multiple LIDBs.

    • A Calling Name is limited to 15 characters including spaces.
    • While we can add Genesys Cloud Voice US and Canada toll-free numbers to LIDBs, it is not widely supported.

    Marlene Mojica-Jensen
    Avtex Solutions, LLC