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Multi-Skills scheduling vs Planning groups (WFM)

  • 1.  Multi-Skills scheduling vs Planning groups (WFM)

    Posted 05-31-2021 16:34
    Hi Community! 

    I was hoping to get some insights on the best way to configure planning groups when we have agents with multi skills. 

    As an example, if we had : 

    - Agent A with Skill 1 
    - Agent B with skill 1 and 2 


    Within the same planning group, I would have 2 queues where:

    Queues 1 needs to be associated with Skill 1 
    Queues 2 needs to be associated with Skill 1 and 2

    I realize that if I'd configured my PG this way, my agent A will not be scheduled based on workload since he can only handle a subset of the PG. And as a best practice, we should have 1 route path by planning group.
    But in an environment where we have multiple media types/queues/skills and some of the queues have very little interactions, we would need to regroup a series of route path to facilitate the forecasting process/management. I would like to how in such scenario, what would be the best way to create the planning groups and then how to assign the different skills to the route path to make sure that agents with only 1 skill assigned to them are also scheduled based on workload.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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