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  • 1.  Dynamic user Access

    Posted 07-27-2020 03:39
    Edited by Dewald Smit 07-27-2020 10:09
    Good day,

    We have run into a minor irritation when it comes to Dynamic User administration.

    Scenario: Group with Roles assigned - Add User and they get the Roles.
    With Role assignment set on the Group, now we cannot do inclusion rules to the group.

    So this take us back to a manual process of adding people to the Groups to get the role they require.

    Please help me save my sanity.
    Dewald Smit
    Bytes Systems Integration a Division of Altron

  • 2.  RE: Dynamic user Access

    Posted 09-13-2020 06:14
    Hi Dewald,

    The Genesys recommendation is to use a different group for Role assignment.

    I think it was designed like this to prevent accidental deletion of roles from managers, supervisors or agents who are members of multiple groups.

    Paulo Mesquita
    Spark NZ Trading

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