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  • 1.  Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 10-26-2021 08:05
    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Matt Lawson and I'm the Online Community Manager for Genesys. My team loves hosting communities like this and really hope that you enjoy your time on the site. Just wanted to take a moment to say welcome!

    I'm based in Raleigh, NC with my way-cuter-than-me dog Marty and more DVDs than anyone needs. If you ever want to talk movies, restaurants, community or anything nontechnical, feel free to reach out - I'm always cruising the Genesys Casual Community!

    Also, we have a public Workforce Engagement Community that some of you may enjoy participating in as well. Hope to see you in the community!


    Matt & Marty

    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

  • 2.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 10-27-2021 15:38
    Hey DX Community!

    Welcome and thank you for being here. I'm Melissa, I work alongside Matt, as our Online Community Specialist. You might have seen me around the different communities. I love finding new ways to connect with Genesys users and help them find what they're looking for.

    In my free time, I love watching Schitt's Creek and going to brunch with friends. I love taking pictures of my food (see below) and have been thinking of restarting my food blog!

    I sadly don't have a dog like Matt does, but my tiktok algorithm is telling me I should really get one!

    Feel free to reach out and say hi! I'm always down to chat all things food, tv and Genesys Community!


    Melissa Ly
    Genesys - Employees