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  • 1.  Hardware Upgrade of CIC 3.0 server

    Posted 04-02-2014 18:18
    Hello all! I have a current functioning CIC 3.0 server running on an old HP server. I just received a new HP server that can run rings around the old one. What's the easiest way to "upgrade" CIC to the new server. I already have copied all data from the old to the new with robocopy. I just wondering if I should keep the same name (down the old server, bring new one up as "oldserver" name) or just keep name of the server and install CIC again using setup. Any thoughts, ideas, safest way, best practices, etc anyone want to share? Thanks, Jon

  • 2.  RE: Hardware Upgrade of CIC 3.0 server

    Posted 04-03-2014 14:01
    I would not suggest using robocopy to try to get the server to work. I think you are going to have all sorts of issues with CIC if you rip out the underlying hardware. Before you start this endeavor make sure you have your HMP license link so you can migrate your HMP license to the new server. Instead of using robocopy I would start with a fresh Windows install on the new server, also name it something new. Install HMP and CIC (You could opt for the latest version of both which will cause a little bit more work but is a easy time to upgrade). Next get Interaction Migrator from the Interactive Intelligence website and then do an export of everything from the old server and then import to the new server. Note that if you change SU levels you will want to be careful with any custom handlers you may have wrote as you will need to manually add your modifications to the newer SU handlers where applicable. Grab a test or dev license for HMP and CIC and then test out the new server, once everything looks good then you can cut over to the new server. Depending on what types of phones you are using as well as other supplementary servers (media servers or proxy servers) you may have to point them to the new server.

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