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  • 1.  Siebel Integration help

    Posted 04-28-2015 12:29
    Hi All, I need some help with a Siebel Experienced person. I have 2015R2 path3 with Siebel 8.1 I have a custom IVR application that takes Employee ID and Tax ID and searches Siebel. The screen pops up with no problem. The issue that i have is when i don't find any record or the caller went through a menu that doesn't have the values for Employee ID or tax id, I should open a specific screen. My Attributes that i'm using are Siebel_ContactId and Siebel_TaxID. the definition file has been uploaded here. Thanks for any help in advance. Rami

  • 2.  RE: Siebel Integration help

    Posted 04-28-2015 12:35
    To add, I created an Event handler called 'InboundCallAccountNotFound' (please see below) This event handler should be chosen when i don't find any record and open 'MTA Activity List View' The issue here that whenever i don't find a record, the screen stays on the 'Home' tab and a window comes up on the left side with my number populated. what i need is to open the 'MTA Activity List View' and populate the caller's information. such as Date and time of the call, phone number.. etc. [EventHandler:InboundCallAccountNotFound] Filter.Siebel_TaxID = "?*" DeviceEvent = "EventConnected" Response = "InboundCallAccountNotFound" Order = "5" [EventResponse:InboundCallAccountNotFound] FindDialog = "Service Request" MultiView = "MTA Activity List View" QueryBusComp = "Action" QueryBusObj = "Action" SingleView = "MTA Activity List View" Log = "LogIncomingCallContactNotFound"

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