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  • 1.  Converting .sasf file to .wav

    Posted 12-29-2015 20:42
    Hey all, I have a media file with a .sasf extension I need to convert to a .wav file. It's located in the storage drive for all our recorded calls, but I cannot pull it up in Interactive Recorder either by time and date or by filename. I believe this was an outbound call and rather important that I see if it's what we are looking for. Could not open the file using either ICBM or Voicemail Player. Have researched the forums and there was mentioned an IceLib SDK, but I understand that is a developer utility and requires a separate license. Can someone offer a suggestion how to convert this file? CIC 2015 R3 patch 8

  • 2.  RE: Converting .sasf file to .wav

    Posted 01-11-2016 13:42
    By default Interactive Intelligence saves recordings in the .sasf format. The ICBM can open these files, then they can be exported into a .wav format. Obviously this isn't practical except for a small amount of recordings. You say you can't open the file in the ICBM. Do you receive an error or is the recording not visible? If you receive an error that the file can't be played back, in SQL verify the field IR_RecordingMedia.Duration is not null. If you update this to a value (try 12500) then you will be able to play the recording assuming there is anything recorded. You are right, there are objects in IceLib to write a bulk .sasf converter.

  • 3.  RE: Converting .sasf file to .wav

    Posted 01-12-2016 10:19
    Hi, We are compressing our recording in IA to GSM6.1 but we do not use Master Key. Can we only play the recording using ICBM or can we manually uncompressed the audio to play it as a wav file? As well, can my recording being played by any CIC 'ICBM' (i.e. ICBM from another company), if they are not encrypted with the Master Key?

  • 4.  RE: Converting .sasf file to .wav

    Posted 01-12-2016 14:22
    Its my understanding that if you enable encryption but not use a master key there is no way to extract the audio from the file via the built in tools. I have a feeling that the private key used for the encryption without a master key is known so you could probably extract audio somehow. Icelib has a function to extract the audio but I don't have any information on it.

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