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Upgrade your EasyScripter licenses to CallScripter.

  • 1.  Upgrade your EasyScripter licenses to CallScripter.

    Posted 12-21-2015 09:51
    Hi there. If you are an existing EasyScripter customer and are under maintenance you are able to upgrade your EasyScripter licenses at no charge for the full and latest version of CallScripter. CallScripter replaced EasyScripter and is fully integrated with Interaction CIC and Interaction Dialer 4.0. You can usually migrate your scripts as the new integration was built to support almost all the csCommand format and EasyScripter controls. You get :
    • Full screen scripting
    • No thick client, as CallScripter runs in an IE browser
    • Lots of new functionality both in the product and the CIC / Dialer feature set
    • Continuing support for 4.0 maintenance releases (ie 2015 Rx and on)
    All without charge for licenses - just swap out your existing licenses for new. CallScripter is purchased through Interactive Intelligence and is fully supported too. If you need further information check out the Partner Portal, or the Interactive Intelligence Marketplace. Or get in touch with me at : ken@callscripter.com. [ATTACH]698[/ATTACH]

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