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  • 1.  "Shut down" queues in case of emergency

    Posted 12-30-2015 17:18
    As some of our Workgroups are 100% serviced at one location, we need to have the ability to play the emergency prompt and disconnect calls that are currently in the workgroup waiting for an agent, if one location is down. In attendant, i do not see a way to add any logic or fire a handler after the call is sent into the queue. just a Queue Audio, and Queue Menu, which means caller interaction. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? So far i've been thinking: 1. set structured parameter "Emergency" with Queue Name = 1 2. have a handler check for that and set a custom attribute to an interaction: Cust_Attrib_emergency = 1 3. have a logical transfer that says: if Cust_Attrib_Emergency=1 then, play audio and hang up. But, I don't have a way to do #2 and #3 every X seconds after the call is transferred to the queue.

  • 2.  RE: "Shut down" queues in case of emergency

    Posted 12-31-2015 03:46
    You would need to use a timer initiated to check the parameter every few seconds. If it is set, you would need to enumerate each interaction on the queue, play a message, and disconnect. I had to write one like this for emergency clearing of a government facility. They took over each call, played a message that the facility had to close and politely disconnected the calls.

  • 3.  RE: "Shut down" queues in case of emergency

    Posted 12-31-2015 13:15
    Rather than a timer initiator, I prefer to have a handler application that activates a closure flag (structured parameter) and (if another flag in parameter is true) plays a message to all calls waiting in the specified queue(s) (more parameters for queue list and message), then disconnects them. The same message is also played to callers that would normally be sent to queue as an intercept while the active flag is true.

  • 4.  RE: "Shut down" queues in case of emergency

    Posted 12-31-2015 15:36
    You only have two choices to activate the process. Either you have a timer checking the parameter every few seconds or you have a button or dial in routine that a manager activates. The same parameter can be used for both functions and messages.

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