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  • 1.  Interaction Client Pop up warning

    Posted 04-21-2015 04:32
    During Interaction Client login, I am getting a Popup message: Warning: System cannot get licenses for all ACD media type, The assigned ACD interaction type will be limited until this issue got resolved. What does this stands for: I3_ACCESS_INTERCATION_CLIENT_OPERATOR_EDITION Please advice.

  • 2.  RE: Interaction Client Pop up warning

    Posted 04-21-2015 13:40
    I3_ACCESS_INTERCATION_CLIENT_OPERATOR_EDITION is a license for a special version of the client for use by a company operator. I have never used it so I don't know what makes it "special" but its suppose to be easier to use for operators. You can control if a user is licensed for operator edition by adding the license "Interaction Client Operator Add-On". The strange thing is if I give myself the license when I open the client I have the operator client (You can tell by looking at the title bar it will have Interaction Client: .Net Edition Operator Console" in the title) If I remove the license and reopen the client I get the basic client. I'm not sure whats going on where your client is trying to start in operator mode since I can't find a way to reproduce.

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