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  • 1.  2017R2_P1 Session Managers Creating Dump Files on Switchover

    Posted 03-23-2017 18:02
    My Test environment is a virtual switchover pair and one virtual OSSM. On manual switchover, 2017R2_P1, I see my session manager, and at least on other subsystem exception. What my concern is the session manager. The SM subsystem exceptions on the switched, the swichover, as well as the OSSM server creating dump files in all three WER folders. That’s fine for a test environment, but for a live company that never sleeps, this is an issue. Five OSSM’s dropping out for a switchover is not good. The subsystems obviously recover immediately. I am rolling out 2017R2_P1 tomorrow and while I do have a ticket open with my vendor, I am concerned. Has anyone else seen this? You have to be looking at the right place otherwise, otherwise, this is easily missed. Thoughts from you veterans? Thanks Guy Digi-Key

  • 2.  RE: 2017R2_P1 Session Managers Creating Dump Files on Switchover

    Posted 03-27-2017 13:12
    Guy, Are you sure the OSSM fully crashes? The only reason I ask is I was looking at a dialer issue last week and there were a bunch of dialer tran server dump files however if I looked in the IC System Manager for the CCS I see that the dialer tran subsystem's uptime is not changing. If you log into your dev system and switch over do you have any strange behavior or does the client reconnect normally in a few seconds? I'm just wondering if you are hitting an issue where they are creating dump files but the system is not actually having problems? Thanks, Mark

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