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  • 1.  Export phone call recording

    Posted 08-16-2012 20:42
    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but here is the issue: We are trying to export files from the recorder client so that they can be listened to by other people. However we'd like to listen to them in generic programs such as VLC, or WMP so that the "fast forward" option is available. The files export as a wav file, and can be opened with the "Interaction voice mail launcher" however there is no fast forward option etc. Any ideas? I assume it's encrypted or something similar? I've tried multiple codec packs but no luck so far

  • 2.  RE: Export phone call recording

    Posted 08-17-2012 13:23
    If you right click on the wav and select windows media player as a playback device you should be able to listen to the exported wavs.

  • 3.  RE: Export phone call recording

    Posted 08-17-2012 22:01
    Go to the properties of the wave file to look at what codec was used. I think it's TrueSpeech. Make sure you have a codec installed for that type of wave file.

  • 4.  RE: Export phone call recording

    Posted 08-17-2012 22:43
    If you use by any chance Windows 7 then you need to get a codec installed otherwise you can't play it back outside the ININ player at all as Windows 7 by default has no codec at all

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