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  • 1.  Marquee Configuration parameter blank

    Posted 05-12-2016 16:47
    Hello All, I have a problem with a marquee package. I configure the ininkeystats file to have the follow parameter: ININ.Workgroup_AbandonedRateDistribution?ININ.People.WorkgroupStats_Workgroup=&ININ.Queues_InteractionType=Call&ININ.Queue_Interval=CurrentShift&ININ.Queue_AccumulativeHistogramInterval=total Inside of my Marquee configuration when setting up a package which uses this keystat. Some of the workgroup are blank, while some show 'total'. Any idea what would cause this? Picture attached. [ATTACH]733[/ATTACH][ATTACH]734[/ATTACH] This is causing an issue where my Marquee display is always NaN. [ATTACH]735[/ATTACH]

  • 2.  RE: Marquee Configuration parameter blank

    Posted 05-13-2016 13:51
    Besides that it would be helpful to mention what version / patch your on, is the workgroup used to assigen interactions or is the WG jus an administrative WG?

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