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  • 1.  DBOpen "Data source" parameter as custom variable

    Posted 03-07-2022 10:28

    Hello guys,

    I'd like you toask about handler step DB Open.
    DB Open step has parameter "Data Source", which is read from IA->System Configuration->IC Data Sources
    We have a lot of handlers with db tools in them. In case , e.g. we need to "transfer" handlers from dev to prod environment, there is always necessary to open every handler with db tools and change data source in DB Open step.
    Is there any solution how can I define DataSource parameter in variable, and this variable could be filled from structured parameters e.g.? The goal is to make change only on one place instead of opening e.g. 20 handlers and change "data source" there?

    Thank you very much for tips and help

    Best regards




    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

  • 2.  RE: DBOpen "Data source" parameter as custom variable

    Posted 03-08-2022 02:27
    Hi Pavel,

    as far as I know, DB Open fetches the "Data Source" from the list configured in IA. So you can't use a variable for this. We solved this problem by using the same name for the" Data Source" in DEV and PROD. This way you do not need to open the handler and change the DB Open step when transfering from DEV to PROD. Attention: This way works for DB Open, but not for all other step where you have to select for a list (e.g. IP-Table).


    Hans-Gerd Sandhagen
    Software Developer
    Fiebig GmbH

  • 3.  RE: DBOpen "Data source" parameter as custom variable

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 03-16-2022 17:11

    DB Open doesn't use the Data Sources from IA, it is actually looking for an ODBC configuration by that name, only SQLExec2 uses the IA Data Sources. (This is why you have to supply the username and password to the Open Step, but not SQLExec2).

    So, following on from Hans's suggestion, simply use the same ODBC Data Source Name on both your Dev and Prod servers, with them pointing to different database servers.

    Also, I would recommend storing the Username and Password in Structured Parameters. This allows you to change them without editing the Handlers and it also allows for the Password to be hidden.

    Paul Simpson