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  • 1.  SIP Soft Phone DHCP Record Notes - Option 006 and Option 160

    Posted 12-23-2021 07:05

    We are setting up PureConnect lab and installed IC Server and Media Server. While installing and configuring client workstation SIP phone we are facing error. The SIP phone is not registering with IC Server.

    We are doubtful about option 006 and 106. Can someone explain these options and how to use them while configuring softphone used as an agent phone.

    Is option 106 for automatic IC server discovery.


    Sukhadeo Prasad
    Consilium Software Inc Pte Ltd

  • 2.  RE: SIP Soft Phone DHCP Record Notes - Option 006 and Option 160

    Posted 12-24-2021 07:57
    Hi Sukhadeo,

    DHCP option 006 is a standard option to provision DNS server address to DHCP client. This is not specific to Genesys. You probably have it setup in all your DHCP scopes already.
    DHCP option 160 is used by Genesys to auto-provision phones via IC server discovery. This option is specific to Genesys.
    I am not aware of DHCP option 106.

    We use DHCP options 006 and 160 to provision Genesys phones, both for hard phones and softphones.

    This document covers provisioning of phones https://help.genesys.com/pureconnect/mergedProjects/wh_tr/mergedProjects/wh_tr_managed_phones/desktop/managed_ip_phone_network_provisioning.htm

    If have a single CIC server, then you do not necessarily need to use the auto-provisioning of your phones if you do not like it. You can set them up manually instead.
    If you have a switchover pair of CIC servers, then the auto-provisioning is a must, to ensure the phones register with both CIC servers.



    Igor Dinissuk
    Optima Communications International Inc.

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