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  • 1.  ACW for emails

    Posted 03-02-2023 11:51

    Hi all. I would like to configure an ACW time after processing an email. 

    My client has a problem : when the agent answer to an email, they often forget to click on the "done" button with wrap-up codes (they don't use any code, so default one is used). Besides, they often use the "notes" page, answer the email, and so the "done" button is not visible. So.... they never click on it, and so they don't receive any more email (configuration only 1 mail at a time) .

    How can I configure an automatic ACW time in order that they receive the next emails ?

    Thanks for your help



    Catherine Dupire

  • 2.  RE: ACW for emails

    Posted 03-03-2023 02:56

    #Basicfeaturesandfunctionality  #ACW #EMailInteraction #EmailQueue #WrapupDuration #EmailQueue #AgentInteractions 

    Catherine Dupire

  • 3.  RE: ACW for emails
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-03-2023 13:03

    I believe ACW time only applies to voice interaction. All other media doesn't have timer. There's a Beta now for an update of ACW and part of that release is to have timer in other media channels.

    Over time, we have continued to build additional ACW-based improvements on this new framework such as the Agent Requested After Call Work (ACW) option and new support of ACW Time-box Settings for Digital channels. 

    We're happy to announce that closing in on a general availability (GA) release soon (Targeting mid-March 2023!) 

    Michael Joseph Carreon
    Dexcom, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: ACW for emails

    Posted 03-07-2023 12:23

    Hi Michael, 

    Thanks a lot for your answer, it's a good news !

    Where did you find this information please? I don't find information about beta releases  :-( 

    Catherine Dupire

  • 5.  RE: ACW for emails

    Posted 03-07-2023 22:58

    Hi Catherine,

    The best place to check it in "Genesys Cloud - Beta HQ" Community. Just went there and it seems the Beta for this feature is closed.


  • 6.  RE: ACW for emails

    Posted 03-08-2023 02:07
    Edited by Gabe Ladios 03-08-2023 02:07


    Just adding the direct link to the BETA HQ community for easy access

    Gabe Ladios
    Genesys - Employees

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