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  • 1.  Agent Owned Callbacks Clarification

    Posted 04-06-2023 14:52


    We are looking at the agent owned callbacks feature in the queue set up screen. Primarily we would like to use it for scheduled callbacks which only a few of our departments can set up. We are exploring this feature, but have some questions before we begin testing. 

    First, let me explain our current process. Currently our Sales and Retention departments have the ability to schedule callbacks with customers. When the scheduled time comes along the system creates the scheduled callback and attempts to deliver it to the agent that set it up. If the initiating agent is busy it will immediately go in queue for the next available agent. While we don't want the callback to be completely ignored, we do want our agents to build a healthy rapport with the customer. Knowing if they are not available the second that callback is scheduled creates hesitation to use this feature as the credit for their sale could go to someone else who happened to be between calls. 

    What we would like to happen is to be able to control how long Genesys will wait before sending the callback to another agent, say 10 minutes for this example. 

    So ideally the agent sets up a callback in Genesys for, say, May 2nd at 10 AM. May 2nd is here and at 10 AM the agent is busy. But perhaps the agent is done by 10:05. So they would get the callback in that case. Or, by 10:10 we determine it is more important the customer gets a call from anyone instead of just the agent they were working with so the callback goes in queue. 

    The ideal situation seems like something the agent-owned callback feature can help us with, however the set up seems overly complicated. In the callback section of queue set up, I can check a box to enable it. However in the help page for agent-owned callbacks (which feels very light) it mentions needing "Preferred Agent Routing" enabled. We do not have it enabled as we use standard routing. So I am wondering why I have the ability to enable a feature that simply won't work with no warning, or if this documentation is out of date and we don't need the preferred agent routing enabled? I am hoping we don't need it because we have architect set up very reliably right now so any changes in architect are going to be a deal breaker, especially for such a light improvement. 

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    Aaron Buckley

  • 2.  RE: Agent Owned Callbacks Clarification

    Posted 04-14-2023 06:14

    Hi Aaron,

    I hae reached out for a reply for you but as the question is not around a WEM feature, I would raise the question on the Cloud CX community as well?


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