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  • 1.  away when not responding

    Posted 05-02-2023 05:09
    Edited by Catherine DUPIRE 05-02-2023 05:12

    Hello. When an agent does not answer a call, his state remains in bleu "in queue status", even if he no longer receives a call. 
    I would like that his status to become orange "away state" (and out of queue).
    I don't think it's possible, but we never know... if someone knows how to to that??? (otherwise I will submit an "idea")

    #Omni-ChannelDesktop/UserInterface #ActivityStatus #AgentStatus 
    Catherine DUPIRE

  • 2.  RE: away when not responding

    Posted 05-02-2023 13:37
    Hi Catherine,
    We do not have this ability out of the box.
    But you can achieve this result by using Process Automation triggers & data actions.
    Here is high level design:
    1. Use Presence API to create Genesys Cloud Data Action to update user presence to "Away" (or any other status that you like)
    2. Create Architect Workflow that will be triggered on UserEndEvent

    3. In the workflow you need to check the value of interactingDurationMs - The overall time a user spent talking/interacting in milliseconds.
    If it is equal to zero => it means that agent did not answer this interaction and you can use data action to change status to "Away"
    4. Process Automation trigger should be limited to only INBOUND interactions.

    Maxim Tsvetov
    Principal PS Consultant

  • 3.  RE: away when not responding

    Posted 05-04-2023 05:18

    Hi Maxim. Thank you for your answer. 
    I will propose that to my customer, but I don't think he will be ok to develop such a solution. 
    At least I know it is not possible "by default".
    Thank you. 

    Catherine DUPIRE

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