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Big Buy Brainteasers Trivia starts Wednesday! Win big!

  • 1.  Big Buy Brainteasers Trivia starts Wednesday! Win big!

    Posted 11-28-2022 13:47
    More trivia to fill your gratitude baskets! 

    You're in for a special treat because Wednesday, Nov. 30-Dec. 2, the Big Buy Brainteasers trivia event will challenge everything you know about the "season of giving.

    Mark your calendars and be sure to share this post so we can get a fun tournament going. There will be 12 questions worth one point each, and a bonus question worth three extra points that will require you to post in a discussion thread. We've had competitions won or lost by whomever completes the bonus, so don't forget to do that vital part of the competition!  The overall winner (calculated by the highest number of points) gets their pick from our always amazing Prize Wall, and trust me, you're not going to want to miss the big items that are there to choose from.

    Interested in what else will be happening with Trivia for the rest of the year? Check out our one-pager below and make sure you join the Trivia Tower community. It's such a fun way to connect with other members, have fun, and win big.

    And if you're not so crazy about trivia, there are so many other ways to win. Head over to the "Prize Wall" and scroll down to see the "Current Contests" that are posted, and you could win that way too! Finally, there is a discussion post that could also have a prize waiting for you if you lend us your suggestions here.

    See you this Wednesday for the Big Buy Brainteasers Trivia event! May the smartest participant win! (And remember, NO GOOGLING!)


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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