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Callback Handle Times

  • 1.  Callback Handle Times

    Posted 07-21-2023 15:02
    Edited by Sabyasachi Pradhan 07-21-2023 15:05

    Hi All, 

     Quick update on this beta feature we will be bringing out soon. This relates to how Handle and Talk times are calculated and shown for Callback interactions on GC. We have had a long running beta around this  idea that we are planning to release soon. 

    Here is what supervisors and admins can expect : 

    - A new segment in the timeline view for Callback interactions that will explicitly demarcate the portion that overlaps the active voice part of the Callback ( the portion where the agent dials the Callback number and speaks to the customer who requested the Callback ).  


    - An update in how we calculate handle and talk times for Callbacks in Analytics 

      1. The new Callback segment won't be used to calculate the handle and talk times for Callback interactions preventing the double count that happens today. 

    - A new metric will be exposed in existing analytics details API to show this new segment. This new metric will be included within the Callback session of an Agent participant. Existing tHandle and tTalk will also be updated to reflect values that won't take this new segment into account.

      1. tActiveCallback, tActiveCallbackComplete