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  • 1.  Concurrent AHT

    Posted 11-28-2023 11:52

    Is it possible to get Concurrent AHT for e-chat  within Genesys Cloud ?. It is possible to put together arbitrary calculations for this figure but is the actual calculation itself available within Genesys Cloud.


    richard craig
    British Telecommunications PLC

  • 2.  RE: Concurrent AHT

    Posted 11-29-2023 08:58

    Not at the moment, but it's an idea we're exploring.  We have a solution in the works to bring significant enhancements around our realtime monitoring for agents.  We also have a project in development for a utilization label for agents which we're interested in surfacing in analytics.

    Are you looking to mainly see concurrency for a realtime standpoint or are you looking to see a historical concurrency for an agent over time?  Would you want average concurrency among a group of agents?  Average for a user?  Specific concurrency as a trend line? 

    Ryan Legner
    Staff Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX

  • 3.  RE: Concurrent AHT

    Posted 02-15-2024 07:30

    That's great to see that we have such enhancements for concurrency. Real-time concurrency would be great but historical concurrency for say each Work Team or for each Queue would be great. A trendline to show how it's progressed would be great as long as we can filter via media-type.

    Ashirbad Meher

    WFM Real-time Analyst, IG Group

    Ashirbad Meher
    IG Index Limited

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