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  • 1.  Differ in 'Time in Status' and 'Duration'

    Posted 03-15-2023 21:37

    Hello, all.

    When monitoring Agent Status View, we have noticed that there is time difference between 'Time in Status' and 'Duration' Column.

    An example is as below:

    (Since the language is in foreign language, I translated them into English)

    On the first highlighted field, the 'Time in Status' is 1 minute 23 seconds.

    However, the duration is 6 minutes and 29 seconds, with ACW time 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

    Additionally, on the first line, why there is a phone icon (indicationg the agent is interacting with someone via phone),

    even though the agent is in Available status? (not 'on queue')

    Our supervisors are having trouble tracking the time agents stay in each status.

    If you have any idea about this case, please feel free to share it.

    It would be a great help.

    Thank you.


  • 2.  RE: Differ in 'Time in Status' and 'Duration'

    Posted 03-15-2023 22:31
    Edited by Muhammad Zubair Awan 03-15-2023 22:49


    Regarding First Point: If your agent changes the status (say from on Queue to Available) while an interaction is still active, you will observe this behavior. Duration related to the interaction not the status. 

    Regarding Second Point: It can be an outbound call

    Muhammad Zubair Awan

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