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Don't be melancholy, a new rockstar's here!

  • 1.  Don't be melancholy, a new rockstar's here!

    Posted 06-03-2024 11:37
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 30 days ago

    If you find yourself in the WEM community searching for answers to tough questions, you'll probably find this month's rockstar lighting up your search results. @Amy Sessions said about our newest inductee: "Every time I search for something, she has a response in there that just ticks most of my boxes for inquiry.

    Since she's seen everywhere in the night sky of the WEM community helping members out, we thought that tonight, tonight we'd take you on a journey back in time with this "smashing" poster design.

    Congratulations @Gina Palmer for being larger than life in the Genesys WEM Community! And a big thank you to @Natalie Nobles for this beautiful custom poster! Gina, I'll be sending you a form to fill out with your Prize Wall item choice.

    I also have to give a shout-out to another past rockstar @Seean Weaver, who makes his video debut in the Genesys Cloud community and talks to us about why he loves the community, what keeps him going back for more, and some other fun facts about his life as a 1800s reenactor. (Do you know what a cooper is? Find out in the video). We have the best members in the world, and we love to show them off to you.

    If you know of someone who fits the bill of a Community Rockstar, please nominate them. There is no limit on how many you can nominate (you can even nominate yourself) and it only takes a minute to tell us why. The chosen rockstars receive a great prize for being inducted, a custom made concert poster, a rockstar community badge, and eternal community fame. It's really the best way to show our appreciation to those who go above and beyond to help us every day in the community.

    Rock on!


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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