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  • 1.  Email Multiple Actions threading issue

    Posted 11 days ago

    I'd like to see if anyone else is having the same issues we are. We are very email heavy. We often get emails from customers in which we need to respond to let them know we are working on their request and then also forward the email to another queue to have that team take action. We were very excited when the functionality to do this was enabled through turning on multiple actions for each email/queue. However what we have found is that once that feature is enabled, if we attempt to forward that email to another queue it threads right back into the sending interaction so it never reaches it's destination. The solution that Genesys has to solve for this is for us to enable Multiple destinations. That is an org setting and is not an option for us as we don't want interactions going to multiple queues causing duplication of work. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? seems odd that an email/queue level setting is dependent on an org level setting. it should be a simple task to reply and forward to anyone without issues as that is general email functionality. 


    Kathryn Haines
    Owens Corning Sales, LLC.

  • 2.  RE: Email Multiple Actions threading issue

    Posted 5 days ago

    @Jody Nabuurs, have you seen this with other customers.  I know this was something reported in beta.  

    Kathryn, did you open a ticket with Ttec TAC so we can track and get something started with Genesys?

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    ttec Digital
    Sr. Director - Innovation Architects

  • 3.  RE: Email Multiple Actions threading issue

    Posted 5 days ago

    Kathryn/Robert - we don't have other customers reporting this issue. This is completely independent of the Route to Multiple Destinations feature, and I'm not seeing the connection between your issue and the need for that feature to be turned on. If the thread is updated on the sender's side, that makes sense, but the fact it's not reaching the intended recipient is alarming. Robert - if you track down the Case ID, can you send it to me via email? I'll follow up with the technical teams. 



    Jody Nabuurs
    Genesys - Employees

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