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  • 1.  Historical Shrinkage Report

    Posted 10-03-2023 10:57
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    Since Friday 29th September the Historical Shrinkage report is reporting inflated Actual Logged In Hours.  For example, an Agent today logged in at 07:37 and logged out at 14:01 (6h 24m 1s).  This information is confirmed by the Agent Status report however the Historical shrinkage report shows over 33h 40m 18s of Logged in Time for this agent therefore his actual Shrinkage is only 7.71% instead of around 28%.

    Any ideas?

    #Performance Management

    Timothy Milburn

  • 2.  RE: Historical Shrinkage Report

    Posted 11-24-2023 03:00

    Historical Shrinkage shows the schedule and actual information for all the agents configured for the requested management unit within a requested date range. it is not based on the agents.
    so Please check all the agents logged in on time duration (and TimeOffs).

    I would also recommend reaching out to care, as we are not able to debug issues with customer data in the forums.


    Vikas Srivastava
    Genesys - Employees

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