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  • 1.  Impossible to hang up a call

    Posted 04-15-2024 08:46


    I have a recurring problem with a customer. Sometimes the agent cannot hang up the call. When he clicks the "hang up" button, nothing happens. He is forced to close and restart the browser.

    Do you have an idea? Does the problem come from the genesys interface or the browser? How can I resolve this?

    Thanks for your help

    #Telephony #hang #UI 

    #Omni-Channel Desktop/User Interface

    Catherine DUPIRE

  • 2.  RE: Impossible to hang up a call
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-15-2024 11:01

    Hi Catherine,

    I recommend you see the logs console and network of the browser. There will be a response to the situation.

    Test another browser too...


    Breno Canyggia Ferreira Marreco

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