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  • 1.  Knowledge Workbanch V2

    Posted 02-24-2023 17:34

    Hi Community :-D

    I'm dealing with Knowledge Workbanch V2, I have a customer testing and loving the use, but he asked me for support to qualify not by queues as is the default, I would like to qualify by (SKILL) once they work with expert teams, can you tell me if it's possible friends?

    They would like to talk to someone to know the creation possibilities via KW V2 (it's a client that creates great customizations), would it be possible?

    help me! please!


    #knowlodgeWorkbenchV2 #GenesysCloud #GenesysCloudCX #genesysbrazil 


    Rita Henllembart, COPC®
    Customer Success Manager (CSM) / Consulting Solutions Specialist
    Coddera Software Ltda

  • 2.  RE: Knowledge Workbanch V2

    Posted 02-27-2023 08:43

    Hi Rita,

    Is this specifically in relation to Agent Assist Knowledge Surfacing? If so, unfortunately you cannot set up Agent Assist at a skill level. However this is something we may look to do in future. Could you create an AHA idea under the Product taxonomy 'Agent Assist'. This way we will have a record of the requirement from you and other partners and customer can vote on it



    Sean Rooney
    Genesys - Employees

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