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  • 1.  Native Channels vs. Channels from from other providers (BYOC)?

    Posted 11-30-2022 15:18

    Hello, I am doing some research and trying to determine how best to support various digital channels and connect them to a Genesys CX instance.

    Are the channels listed below available natively (directly from) Genesys or does Genesys have integrations/configuration notes on adding these channels into a Genesys CX instance from a 3rd party vendor like a Twilio, Sinch, Sunshine Conversations (Smooch), etc or both options are available and the pro's and con's?

    For the below channels, we would like to route to a DialogFlow CX instance via Genesys CX and Architect for self service with warm agent handoff if needed.

    The channels of possible interest (and if there are *others, please let me know)

    1. Desktop and Mobile Web, Apps (Chat)
    2. SMS
    3. Apple Business Chat
    4. Facebook Messenger
    5. Instagram
    6. Twitter
    7. Google Business Messaging (GBM)
    8. WhatsApp
    9. Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.)

    * Clearly Voice as a channel is supported


    Alan Klein

  • 2.  RE: Native Channels vs. Channels from from other providers (BYOC)?
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-01-2022 06:48
    Edited by Alan Klein 12-01-2022 10:50
    Hello Alan,

    Welcome to the Community! This is a very broad and meaty first post and I will try to address it the best way I can.

    Genesys Cloud offers most of these digital channels natively or there exists an integration utility to allow them to communicate. I think the best way I can complement your efforts would be to link you to primary resources based off the items you've listed down.

    1. Desktop and Mobile Web, Apps (Chat) > Web Messaging
    2. SMS > SMS Messaging
    3 (Apple Business Chat) and 7 (Google Business Messaging) are not natively supported, however there is support to integrate these systems via Open Messaging.
    4 (Facebook Messenger), 5 (Instagram DM), 6 (Twitter) and 8 (Whatsapp) all fall under Third-party Messaging. All of them are natively supported, with Instagram DMs currently in beta and will be GA soon.
    9. Voice Assistants > there are a handful of options for bots, both the native Dialog Engine Bot Flows and from other vendors like Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow.

    All of them compiled in this handy table of features for comparison.

    Specific to Google Dialogflow CX, Genesys Cloud has a comprehensive guide to integrate with it. However, if I understood your statement correctly, we recommend using the native Genesys Cloud solution or integration for the above channels instead of routing them back to Dialogflow.

    Nico Feliciano
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Native Channels vs. Channels from from other providers (BYOC)?

    Posted 12-01-2022 10:50

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you so much for that response, I appreciate the time and thoroughness you answered everything with! I will go through later today and absorb it all but it looks like 100% of what I need and helps tremendously.

    Again, big thank you!

    Alan Klein

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